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Friday, February 06, 2004

Really want to look at everything -- here's lots of stuff that's been categorized:

Black and White Stock Photography

I still need to work on descriptions, and some of the images need work, but you may find something you've never seen here.

4:10:40 PM    

I've written before in the journals that I have Chron's Disease -- which, knock wood -- has been in complete remission for about three years.  I am on a drug called 6MP, and need to have blood work done every month just to check things like C Reactive Protien etc.

So, when my Cobra insurance ran out, I switched to something called a conversion plan which took effect in January.  So what happens when I submit my first claims for the blood tests: all rejected.

Many hours on the phone, being passed around from one person to another, until finally someone tells me that prevention tests are not covered.  In fact anything that is coded as prevention, including things like a colonoscopy are not covered (which I'm planning to get next month).

After all sorts of aggrevation, I am told that if the tests and procedures are coded as "treatment" then they are covered.

These idiots are unbelievable.  One person says, well if you look in your policy you'll see that preventive stuff isn't covered.  Really cold about it.  Screw them.

So after listening to this idiot, I say -- so, basically nothing is covered that I need covered.  That's right.  Read your policy.

I go and find my policy.  Nothing at all about prevention not being covered.

Call back.  Another half hour wait.  I get someone else who says, did you look in your Certificate of Insurance guide?

(This is beginning to sound like a Marx Brothers routine.  What, you don't have a horse breeder's guide?"

I never received anything like that, I say.

So he gives me another number to call.  Another wait.  And they say they don't take care of that, you need to call so and so.

I call so and so.  They send me back to the first person.

Eventually, I get to a supervisor and say, "Do you have any idea what the Certificate of Insurance is?"

She says, she thinks she knows what it is. 

Well, how am I supposed to know what's covered and what's not.

She passes me on to someone else.  Eventually, Diane says she'll send me one, no problem.

So, the whole day, so far, has been spent trying to figure this out.  Everything on their side is set up to make this difficult if not impossible.  Well, you know how that goes.

Eventually, it gets straightened out (I think) and I find the correct codes and resubmit the paperwork, but at the end of a long day on the phone someone says, as they have been trained (you could be splayed out on the sidewalk dying) -- another movie comes to mind: Hopsital.

"Is there anything else I can do to help you?

Yeah, but I don't think you'd do it.

- - -

Anyway -- I have a few rolls of film to develop, and some color film at the lab.  I'm interested in seeing how some of the Albanian demonstration footage came out.

12:13:59 PM    

There are exactly 221 steps leading up to the Capitol Building (more or less), and I count them as I walk up to meet with Senator Spud.  Counting steps is not an exact science.  Sometimes you lose track of a few as you climb. 

At any rate, in my briefcase is a new proposal for the Senator.  Senator Spud has asked to see the proposal that my group has put together about how to fight the war on drugs.  We were surprised when he returned our call since we didn't contribute anything to his campaign, but he has expressed interest what he called a very current idea.

In a nutshell, the idea is that you should no longer need to actually find drugs, or evidence in a drug dealers abode in order to be able to charge the culprit with drug-dealing.  To quote from our proposed legislation:

"Just because you don't find evidence of drug-dealing, either in an actual drug stash, or seeing a drug buy happen, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist...  A lack of evidence, does not evince evidence is lacking."


"Although we would generally suggest that evidence is an important part of making any case against a drug dealer -- a history of drug dealing should be enough to form a circumstantial case against said drug dealer.  We believe that drug dealers have intent to sell drugs, and that should be enough to make an a priori case..."

We are hoping to be able to take this legal doctrine to the newly formed Supreme Legal Aliance Group (SLAG) and believe that the SLAG Doctrine will eventually be used to prosecute, not only drug dealers, but any citizen that is engaged in anti-social activities.  I hope you will support us in this great cause.  And remember, this is not an exact science.

Sometimes we will be right, and sometimes we will be wrong -- but most of the time it will be a mixture of both.

Thank you for your support. 

[This parody has been cleared by the U.S. Office of Parodies.  Parody Pending #8989898]

6:29:03 AM    

The big pasta book deal with Milan went through.  I sold Grand Central Ceiling for $40 to be used in a fine art book about Pasta.  I imagine that one day, probably in another life when I travel again -- I'll be walking through Milan and wander into an old section of the city, into a used book store, where I'll be flipping through a book on Pasta and find something called Linguine a la Grand Central. 

Preparation:  Boil pasta for ten minutes or until frazzled.  Add one part: New York angst, one part grime, and bake until a hard shell forms over the pasta.

- - -


6:12:17 AM    

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