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Thursday, February 05, 2004


Was going through the latest renovations to your color gallery, and
looking at "Locked out of Car #30" had me remembering your journal
entries on that shoot, but wondering when exactly that happened so I
could find it... This led me to an idea: why not have links with your
photos that have journal "stories" behind them (the Bronx Courthouse
shots, the anti-war rally stuff, the snow-ball fight stuff, etc.) to
the actual journal entries? - Paul

Yup -- I have been working on this all day -- or was it yesterday or the day before I started.  In the middle of it all decided to really give the black and white section a going-over -- and found I had something like 500 photographs to post.  I very much want to include the "back-story" with the image as much as possible.  I don't think it would be a link to the journal so much as culling through the journal for the info and posting it perhaps on a separate page with the image linking to it.  It can be done -- but it is all taking much longer than I thought it would...


10:33:12 PM    

Made some more changes to the color section.  This is really my proving ground for testing the IMatch software.  So far, so good.

- - -

I corrected the spelling of "Leica" on the home page.  Typo.  Sorry all. 

- - -

I listened carefully to President Bush's speech this morning, and when I have time, I want to see if there's anything in it that is specific enough that I could disagree with.  He says that we will not be "intimidated by thugs and assassins" and I would have to say that I have no desire to be intimidated by them either.

Especially, not assassins, who I take a dim view of.

- - -

Have noticed lately that most food seems to be suspect lately: Taiwan Chickens have the flu; Farm-raised Salmon have PCBs; and of course we had one cow with Mad Cow Disease.

The problem with all three cases seems to be related to the feed the animals are getting.  The Salmon are being fed a heavy diet of PCB-laden feed.  The Cows are getting lousy eats.  And the chickens -- they are getting the worst of the lot and some of it is too disgusting to go here in the family hour.

Very odd, but it seems as if pork maybe the safest thing to eat these days.

- - -


1:48:05 PM    

"Some in the technocamp imagine requiring a license to operate a computer, just like the one required to drive a car. Others are calling for a punishment that fits a careless crime. People who click on virus attachments, for instance, could be cut off by their Internet service providers until they proved that their machines had been disinfected." - By AMY HARMON, NY Times

This is the way to go.  If I get one more "please help me" call from a relative --

Just don't click it.  Don't do it.  No matter who it says it's from.  A license to compute.  Good idea. 

Geeks Put the Unsavvy on Alert: Learn or Log Off. As the MyDoom virus continues its travels, the computer-savvy are becoming hostile toward those who still open unknown e-mail attachments. By Amy Harmon. [New York Times: NYT HomePage]

8:16:07 AM    

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