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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Just a thought: how about replacing the paragraph of text on your index page with the first few lines from the current day's journal? You could make the text a hyperlink. I wonder how that would affect your Google score?

-- What would be really good would be if I could somehow automate that process.  It might knock me down a little or it might knock me up (that's an unfortunate phrase) but I don't know.  It could knock it up because the page changes more.  It could knock it down because there are less keywords.

I had thought about it.  One thing I thought of was with a piece of javascript that would parse the first sentence of the blog and put it into an IFRAME on the home page.  I don't even know if this is possible but if someone knows how to do it -- let me know.

5:57:20 PM    

I've definitely been listening to too much politics lately.  I fell asleep listening to Fox news and dreamed that I was one of the three remaining candidates along with Kerry and Clark.  The problem arose when I found myself in a hotel getting ready to go to a rally and after taking a shower, got locked out of my room with just a towel.

I was wandering around this maze of a hotel, constantly getting lost until finally I saw Kerry sitting with Clark outside in a blue cadilac convertable.  I somehow jumped into the front seat, but the seat was in some weird position that caused me to be in a standing position, while the other two were sitting.

Kerry said -- you want to see power -- watch this, and gunned the thing and I was -- still standing -- flying up a hill with these guys.

When we arrived at the rally I found myself in a darkened theatre sitting in my towel next to Kerry and Clark trying to figure out how to get back to my room to get dressed.

I sneak out of the theater -- and someone hands me this disposable camera and asks me to take some pictures of them which I do and then notice that the camera is some sort of new hybrid camera that processes the film as you shoot it and spits out these color negatives onto the floor and I find myself on a marbled hotel floor searching for the negatives wondering how someone could invent such an amazing camera and not figure out how to protect the negatives.

Eventually, I find myself back in my hotel room, but the door is still locked and I have no identification and I am talking to the manager, explaining that I'm a candidate for President and due at the lobby.

He's dubious at first -- but then I begin speaking in gibberish -- and he recognizes me.

I make it back into my room -- find my clothes.  But the t.v. is on in the background and I see that I've missed my cue to step onto the stage and my opponents are talking to an empty chair.  Kerry is saying that I'm a wonderful person -- but that I seem to have problems keeping my clothes on...

At which point -- thankfully -- I awaken.

- - -

Analysis: This morning, I actually got a call from a record producer in L.A. who had listened to the CD of orginal songs that I wrote with Andy and was saying that he liked two of them and would get them to Tom Petty to listen to.  This brought back a similar sense of fear and excitement that I remember from many years ago when I would send screenplays out.

I didn't like the feeling at all.  Luckily, when I called Andy -- he was -- as usual in the middle of some mundane tasks in the wilds of New Jersey -- fixing a boiler or something -- and that quickly brought me back to earth.  But I think that call was what triggered the dream/nightmare.

Kerry wasn't really Kerry -- he had been transformed from some rock star.  The cadilac is a symbol of rock and roll. Etc.

In case you haven't been following the music stuff -- I did a CD with my friend Andy during the summer.  You can listen to it here: Open The Gates (Music)

The songs he liked was Damn Your Love and Bury Me At The Track.

- - -

"I had a dream last night,

Last night I had a dream,

Everything was black and white,

And it smelled like gasoline,

Everyone was looking for something to do,

I even thought I had a chance with you,

Last night, when I had a dream." - John Prine

4:28:56 PM    

"Time and again I would come to New York, excited with professional and social ambitions and promises, only to be physically frayed and spiritually disemboweled within a few weeks. In that penitentiary environment, most of the museums and galleries seem to exist in a kind of purgatory, either to accept the fluorescent heaven of a final resting place or the hell of obscurity. "

"I have yet to understand the harmony of magnificent apartments, hideous ghettos, industrial deserts, furs, rags, Tiffany's and Joe's curio shop, beautiful women (virtue unclassified),, unbeautiful women (virtue assured), and the people of strangeness everywhere. Yet, for a time all this appeals in some curious and compelling way. It represents a conflict of many decades: what charm, what grace, what culture -- and what horror!

"As wonderful as my good friends were, the city would finally defeat me and I would flee west...west of Denver promised home, east of Denver was an alien world."
�Ansel Adams, An Autobiography, pgs. 206, 207

11:13:38 AM    

a lot of other blogs are linking to me again to steal pix and that makes me kind of depressed not cauz they are linking to me but cauz i go to read their blogs and they are always teenage blogs by depressed 15 yr old girls who write in long run on sentences like this one and very often don't even put a new paragraph in to separate their thoughts and they are all so sad that it makes me feel sad and then i realize that the blogs have gotten out of control cauz the wrods are all typed wrong and everyone seems so unhappy and lonely out there. 

But I received a message from the future, from this guy named Kargo77 who writes to me when I'm bored, and he told me that I may not have realized it -- he is apparantly a programmer in the 77th century -- and he says that the downfall of civilization went something like this:

a) web

b) e-mail

c) blog

But in the future they have a nifty program that can apply literary styles to blogs and that has helped a bit.  He sent me the program and I applied the "moonsick teenage girl" literary theme to that first paragraph.  But they have other themes as well.

He says that although there are many literary styles to choose from, the most popular one is called: Hemmingway Neuvo.  I applied it to my first paragraph and here is what it produced:

"Nora was sad.  Her blog was clogged."

That's all it did.  I don't think that is much of a translation, but maybe it makes sense in the future.

- - -

4:23:51 AM