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Friday, January 30, 2004

Somebody that I sold a few prints to told me that he had looked around the web at a number of sites before finding mine.  He said that a lot of what he saw, he thought he could have done himself, but when he saw some of my shots -- those were things he couldn't have done.

And that rang a bell with me.

I too had that feeling when I first began shooting and printing.  I was trying to do, at least in terms of printing technique, shots that I had loved by other photographers.

But the point, if there is one -- is that the feeling that you are looking at something that you yourself could not do is a big factor in how you decide whether something is "art" or not.

Such a big part of the equation, that when all the painters came out with their neo-abstract, one-dot on the middle of a canvas -- and I looked at it and said to myself -- hey, I could do that -- (not that I would want to) -- they had removed one of the fundamentals of the painting experience: technique.

How can something be beautiful, if there is no apparant technique to it?

Of course, it can be -- but for some of us old-timers -- it is much tougher to grasp.  We think it is all a big scam (some of it is).

But to stick with the initial point -- if you are able to make something, and it may just be based on obsession and technique -- that the average person doesn't think they could do -- then you have one foot up on the popular art level (and possibly one foot down on the critical artiste level).

Van Gogh, besides being his own worst salesman -- was seen as a poor draftsman.  Paint just slopped around like a crazy person.

And he managed to alienate the average person, as well as the critical audience alike.

Too novel for the critics.  Too messy for the average Piere.


7:24:04 PM    

Pretty funny.  The Italians know more about what's on my site than I do.

They are doing an art book (about Pasta) and asked to use a photo called Grand Central Ceiling.  I told them that I didn't have anything called that.

So they sent me the link.  Yikes.  I forgot all about including the color stuff in the new site design.

Here's what they wanted.

Grand Central Ceiling

So much for my organizational abilities.

9:01:53 AM