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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

"People who are ambitious and full of desires are always searching for freedom but they can't find it. They are always worried and sad, their desires keep growing and growing, and in the end they fall ill or become neurotic."

Questions to a Zen Master - Taisen Deshimaru

8:21:44 PM    

The hits are increasing since I tossed the thumbnails.  I think the "surprise" factor is important, as well as the ease in finding things.  I've been procrastinating a big matting project all day.  What else is new.  Fooling around with the IMatch software (tres complex but very flexible).  Better do it tomorrow since it's due Fri.

The snow was boring.  Did a bit of shooting, but it was already getting that grey slushly look by the time I got out.

7:35:05 PM    

Dateline: New Hampshire. 

No matter where you finish, you are still a winner.

Lieberman: It was a three-way tie for fourth place.  Or was that a four-way tie for third place.  Whatever.  I'm still a winner.

Dean: If you would have told me, ten years ago, that we would have finished 2nd, I would have told you you were crazy.  If you would have told me two months ago that we would have finished second, I would have been rather surprised.  It was a close race and we lost by single digits.  Two single digits put together. Now I'm going home.  Then I'm going to the kitchen to get some eats.  Then on to the hallway, the closet, the bathroom, the bedroom -- "

Sharpton: I got 95% of the black vote in New Hampshire.  So don't let those 42 votes go without representation.

Kerry: Botox, I don't need no stinkin' botox. (Ed. The republicans apparantly put out a rumor that he was sharing Botox needles with his wife).

Edwards: We have great momentum. 

Kucinich: When I become president, I promise you -- tofu in every pot!  Hommus in every home! 

Mosely Braun: I just want to thank my supporters... oh, yeah... sorry.  Forgot, I dropped out. 

- - -

[Every Man A King -- Huey Long]

(Huey P. Long/Castro Carazo)

Why weep or slumber America
Land of brave and true
With castles and clothing and food for all
All belongs to you

Ev'ry man a king, ev'ry man a king
For you can be a millionaire
But there's something belonging to others
There's enough for all people to share
When it's sunny June and December too
Or in the winter time or spring
There'll be peace without end
Ev'ry neighbor a friend
With ev'ry man a king

I first heard this sung by Randy Newman.

5:09:26 AM    

Hello Dave,

I believe the tool you are looking for is IMatch http://photools.com/ it has visual
basic like script language and property database and xml export. You can use
script language to obtain IPTC info from images and put it in property
database (or opposite way) and export or import to XML files.
Tool is quite complex but very useful and powerful. There is a discussion
group for it at yahoo http://groups.yahoo.com/group/imatchuserforum/ .

I have bought this tools and using it for over half year and find it very
helpful. - R.

Thanks!  I actually had downloaded it yesterday, but hadn't installed it yet.  I hope this is the thing.

- - -

A special shout out to "O" -- great to hear from you after all these years.

- - -

And now, at 4 a.m. after being so rudely awakened by the cat, I look out the window and voila: it looks white out there.  I told my 80 year old dad to stay inside tomorrow.  Conversation:

Me: I'm just calling to make sure you're not planning to go anywhere tomorrow.  They're expecting lots of snow.

Him: Well, let me tell you my plans.  First I'm going to the LIRR to get the train and --

Me: No.  Don't tell me that.

Him: And I'll take the train into the city.  From there I just have to walk about a block to get to the bus and --

Me: You know what, dad.  Can you just start lying to me?  I don't wanna know. 

Him: What do you want me to tell you?

Me: Just tell me that you'll stay indoors tomorrow.

Him: I'll stay indoors tomorrow.

Me: Good.

Him: Happy?

Me: Yes.  I don't wanna know anymore.

Him: You got it.  (pause) Anything else?

Me: No.  That's it.

Him: Okay -- talk to you later -- stay warm.

Me: You too.


- - -

4:28:14 AM    

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