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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I'll tell you, I've been looking for what I consider to be a very simple application, but can't find it anywhere, though I've downloaded about ten different programs.  Here is what the program should do:

You select a folder or a bunch of files (source directory).  Pick a destination directory.  Hit a button and pull the XMP or IPTC metadata (captions etc.) from the tiff file into separate xml files.  Then, you could do the reverse: Pick a destination directory that has either those tiff files, or another directory with tiff files with the same names, and import that xml data into those files.

The purpose is to be able to use the xml data as a backup without having to backup the tiff file itself.

Yes, you can do this in Photoshop, but it is one file at a time in both directions.  I guess I would have to try and write a script in Photoshop to do this, but it seems like there should be something out there that can do this.

Now, if you really wanted to get fancy, you could write a parser that would also create the web pages for displaying the images and be able to customize the pages with "tokens" that are generated from the IPTC data.

Now -- again -- it is true that Photoshop CS and the Web Gallery does this -- but it is still in a very crude state with only a couple of IPTC "tokens" that you can use.


10:08:24 PM    

Dave, just read about your site on CL and decided to take a peek. VERY nice work. You have a good eye for content and balance. I also enjoyed being along for the ride (so to speak) with the narratives that accompany many of the photos. Thanks for sharing your talent with so many.  - J.

Thanks -- but what is CL?

8:11:07 PM    

Cat Shadow

I cannot fathom the google image search.  For some odd reason, if you search for the phrase "black and white photography" in the images, two pictures of my cat appear on the third page.  Of the hundreds of images on the site, why did it pick Buddy?  Is there something in their code that has a preference for cat images?  On the other hand, after all the site changes, I still show up on the first google page for "black and white photography."  A few days ago, someone sent me a link that is purported to show how google sees your site, i.e. how others are linked to you.  I looked at that again, and it was way off.  Whether the tool is way off, or google is way off -- no idea.

It's one of the great weaknesses of running a small commercial web site, that you are so dependent on things that are worthy of an alchemist.

Spent most of the day matting.  Once I get going, I find it relaxing.  And I even managed to get out with the camera for the first time in a long time.  I think I'm trying to get ready for the next big snow storm which is headed our way.

5:44:06 PM    

My hallway with the usual reflections. My morning begins as I walk out this door into the street where I am greeted by Frankie, a guy that walks back and forth forever, saving parking spots for the local garage. "Coffee," he says, even before I've seen him. "Coffee, Dave."

I nod, and move on. The woman who runs the acupuncture / palm-reading / whore-house (at least that's what I've been told) raps on the window and makes a gesture... she too needs coffee and can't leave.

I meet and chat with several local merchants, and neighbors. One neighbor is always ready to convince me to buy a Mac.

Another wants to know if I'm still making a living with this photography thing. She sees me with fedex packages all the time. We complain about the size of the studios we live in.

The Deli guy from Punjab kids around with me, saying he'll take me to Delhi the next time he goes... Maybe he's not kidding.



Well, after reading that post, I wanted to shout "welcome aboard!". I passed that threshold 20 years ago, and for a seemingly peculiar reason: my parents didn't put nearly as restrictive a governor on my TV-watching time as your Dad apparently did. By the time I reached my early 20s I was sick of the tube, from sheer over-saturation, and made the break quite easily as a result. A few people I know were positively forbidden to watch TV when they were kids - the after-effect being that they became tube addicts in adult life. If their
parents had only known..."
- B. from Brooklyn

I have, for periods of a year or more, put the t.v. into the closet and lived on radio and books.  I mostly listen to the t.v. as if it were a radio.  Too bad the cable company doesn't have an audio option where they don't actually send you the picture signal -- just audio.  You can do this anyway by just hooking up speakers to the cable box and chucking the set.  I've been contemplating doing this. 

I'm not sure who said this, and it is a bad paraphrase, but the only way to get rid of an obsession is to indulge in it to its fullest until it is gone.

Whether the key word was "obssession" or "sin" or "hankering" -- the idea that you can stamp it down and repress it only makes it more powerful.

I could say something about the Church -- but I won't.  And the hedonist suffers as well.  Maybe that guy Aristotle who talked about the "golden mean" -- not too far this way or that way -- had a point.

At any rate -- tomorrow (make that today) is matting day (could that be my new national holiday) and then get ready for the next blizzard.

- - -

I finally figured out what that little XML icon is on the bottom of this blog page.  If and only if, you have radioland software on your desktop, you can subscribe to this journal as an XML feed.  Now, what the heck does that mean?  I don't know.  When I click on it, I get a list of channels I can subscribe to such as the New York Times web site etc. Or if I go to someone elses blog that is a radioland blog, I can subscribe to it.  But I'm not really sure what that gets me... Maybe someone in radioland can explain it.

I also received "an invitation" to join Portfolios.com.  (It ain't a free invitation).  I have my doubts about these showcases, but I might give it a try.

I guess the other thing is that I have gotten the hang of the new blog (I hate that word) software -- in the sense that I am back to doing things in a somewhat sequential style with my little

- - -

symbols so that you can just read through an entire days entries in order if you like.

I never got used to the LIFO (Last in First Out) blog format. 

- - -

Interesting...about the time you posted that little spiel about election chants, I was thinking the same thing.  Must be the Bronx upbringing..." GR

4:47:19 AM    

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