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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I turned on the ability to leave comments (you should see it under this post) at the item level.  Usually these things start on topic and wind up turning into flames -- but I'll leave it on for a while and cast aside my previous experiences and let it ride.

All the images you are starting to see in these posts are results of looking through old images for the "stock" photography page.  I've made it through 2002 and am starting 2003.  There are about a hundred images so far.

A while back, Bill E. made the remark that I should put together a gallery of images that I like that no one else has ever expressed any interest in and submit it to Ibid -- so that may come out of this.  Of course, I'm sitting here typing when I should be in the bathroom mixing Dektol.

1:28:28 PM    

"I like the breath of stagnant waters, the smell of dead leaves soaking in the canal and the funereal scent rising from the barges loaded with flowers. No, no, there's nothing morbid about such a taste, I assure you.


Narrator, "The Fall" - Camus

12:00:03 PM    

Like a bird on a wire

Like a drunk in a midnight choir

I have tried in my way to be free

Leonard Cohen

4:10:55 AM    


"O.K. You'll be cleaned up. Here's a job, a family, and organized leisure activities."

And the little teeth attack the flesh, right down to the bone.

Albert Camus

3:39:06 AM