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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Don't really have the time, but I'm starting now to try and put the Bronx Gallery into some sort of order.  I am slowly beginning to put text with the images and fool around with the order.  Also, the images cropped down from jpgs, rather than from tifs in the other galleries.. A work in progress as they say. 


9:09:58 PM    

My father had a good line last night. We were talking about Dean, watching the guy that we had both sent money to - go down in flames. And my father said, "What did that guy do with my money?"

Which gave me a good laugh.

And then there was the somewhat bizarre speech afterwards in which he seemed to go into a berserk litany of states.

I guess his brains were fried after too much diet soda.

And then came Kerry. (Incidentally, his wife is probably my favorite candidate who's not in the race). I think she has more brains and poise than any of them (not to mention money).

I'm happy to see Gephardt drop out. I'd like to see some of the other hangers-on drop out as well so that the main guys could slug it out.

* * *

And are you telling me that the Republican Convention is going to be in New York?  Who's brilliant idea was that?  They have picked the least likely place to come to, and groups are already organizing protests.  I'm guessing that if you missed the Democratic Convention in '68, you are going to get a real good feel for what that was like in New York.

7:52:48 AM