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Friday, January 16, 2004

I was asked if I had a search capability, so I started fooling around with the Google search and figured out how to get it to just look at certain subdirectories... some more fooling around with it, but here you go:


6:06:36 PM    

I don't think that Fellini in his wildest dreams could have come up with this.

- Thou shalt have no idols before me.

- Refreshments shall be served.

My favorite title card in 2001 a Space Odyssey was: "To Jupiter and Beyond." And now we've gone there. Yes, when we do finally get to Jupiter -- we will find a race of Jacksons. He cannot be from this world.

When he jumped up on the s.u.v. and brought his own cameraman up and they stood under the black umbrella. It eclipses all previous media events. The people involved: The Nation of Islam, the idiotic syncopates, the media sharks. Am I wrong or has this guy been indicted for child molestation? No, that can't be.

And are you telling me that the local police couldn't have simply ushered him in through a back door?

Right now, I am speechless.

3:20:54 PM    

They (the media) are telling you that it is cold in New York -- but take it from a New Yorker -- it ain't. Why, just yesterday I took this picture of these mermaids out at Coney Island. Do they look cold?

Also, what's all this about life on Mars -- here's more proof that they could have used down at NASA. And these guys have their own rover.

10:11:50 AM    

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