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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Tomorrow -- I'll be back into developing and scanning.  But watching the President, I noticed one more word that he can't pronounce: "exploration."  When he spoke to NASA he pronounced it as "ex-pror-ation" at least six times in a row.  I'm not talking southern accent.  I'm talking slurred speech.  I may start a new section entitled words that the President has trouble with.

6:27:52 PM    

It will be fascinating to see whether using this blog tool actually causes me to start writing drivel.  The reason being that it is just so darn (you see I'm not yet using foul language) easy to flow any thoughts you have into it.  You don't have to launch the big Dreamweaver gizmo, you just click on the shortcut on the desktop and boom, there you are (in case you are a bloggeryou can translate that to "and there u r).  Plus, when I use this thing there ain't no spell checking so you can see how poorly I do in that area (though I did read once that Herman Melville was one of the worst spellers in history and that his daughter had to fix up all his works before they went to the publisher.)

At any rate, the thought that crossed my mind was a little story -- true enough.  One of my prints was given to a friend of a friend for a Christmas gift and it just so happened that the friends aunt was there at the party and she had been married to a photographer who left her with some camera and lenses.  When the friend's aunt saw the print, she said that she had some old camera that her husband had left her and she wanted to give it to another photographer. 

Oh, then my eyes lit up and I was thinking -- must be a Leica (which I could sell if I got my hands on it) or even keep (I'd keep one if I got it for free).  So I tracked down what kind of camera it was.  My friend said -- I think it's a spotomola. 


Yeah, it's a spotomola.

Do you mean, I asked, a Spotmatic?

Yeah, that's what it is.  A Pentax Spotmatic.

And with that my hopes of a great treasure faded.  And also, it seemed like a weird omen since the Pentax Spotmatic was my first serious camera.  I told my friend to pick it up, when she got the chance.  Maybe it was worth something as a collector's item.  But to go back to that again.  No point in that.

9:34:00 AM    

G. sent me this link...


But this was all over the news yesterday, although the story they told was that Kodak would no longer make any APS type cameras.  Now, if Canon stops making non-digital (you see, I don't even know what to call them anymore, which is a bad sign) SLRs, that might be a bit of a sticky wicket.  I just haven't thought much of Kodak as a camera manufacturer in the last ten years or so.

8:42:48 AM    

There is no stopping this transformation now.   As much as I have fought it, I am becoming, day-by-day, a New Yorker.  In fact, it may have already happened while I slept.  Worse, a New Yorker with just a twist of the midwestern tourist.

Yesterday, as I was wandering around -- someone slipped a brochure for one of those double-decker buses into my hand, and I stuck it in my back pocket.  Later, I found myself sitting at home with one of those all-night marketing channels on (Home Shopping Nit-work), and what was I doing -- I was actually studying the various routes the double-decker bus made, and talking to the cat about which tour would be best.

The cat is in favor of the "NYC Showbiz Insiders Tour," but I am leaning towards the "Manhattan Comprehensive" which includes: "Lunch, Statue of Liberty, and a Tour of the United Nations."

Can you imagine that?  Ellis Island and the United Nations -- all in one day.

I'll bet the kids would love that.  Don't have any kids?  We can supply 'em too.

But the cat wants to go, and is definitely arguing in favor of the Showbiz Insiders Tour because he wants to talk with Al Roker for some odd reason.  Buddy (the cat) has been, and continues to be enthralled with Al Roker.

Everytime he comes on to do the weather, or interview people in the plaza, Buddy scrambles over to sit on the bed in his favorite spot and stare at the t.v. 

Don't know what that's about.  Have to keep an eye on him.

4:45:07 AM    

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