Photography of New York by Dave Beckerman

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Month: January, 2001

First Mention of Cartons

19 January, 2001 (15:09) | No comments

The search for carton, in just the right size for shipping my 16 x 20’s and 20 x 24’s continues. Nobody seems to make carton boxes at that size with a depth of only a few inches. I’ve seen large non-bendable mailers, but not in those sizes. So when people order prints, I end up taking a smaller box, and using it flat. This works fine as far as protecting the print, but I end up having to do a pretty heavy taping job on two sides of the carton. It takes me too much time. And it doesn’t look professional. There are some boxes with a depth of five inches, but then I’m stuck putting in a lot of filler and/or bubble wrap. I’ve been making inquires to carton makers, but so far no luck. Lately, I’ve been thinking more about cardboard then photography. I admit, its a nice diversion, but I’m getting tired of it. Who would have thunk it.

I also have to say, regarding the stuff I shot in Arizona a few months ago, I’ve only gotten one or two prints out of that trip that I like. Which is amazing, since I finally thought I had gotten the hang of shooting Sedona. Apparantly, not.

The other day, completely bored, I put a glass plate over the flatbed to protect it, and began doing arrangements of coins, and then pieces of pasta (Rigatoni). Then I put the results into Photoshop and made them into line drawings. Looked like something you see in a microscope.