1636 Interior
And we enter
My father and I return to 1636 University Avenue have several decades. I'm not sure why at this point I decided to return. Just for the hell of it.
Joan's Room
At one point, I shared the room with Joan. We used to have these beds with these headboards that we invented a game about. \n You would scratch them, cross your heart, and make a wish. I wanted to own a pizza place. Joan wanted to own the deli across the street.
1636 Kitchen
The apartment is deserted. Through that window is where me and my sister would throw eggs down at the super for fun.
And then we left
For the last time.
1636: The Master Bedroom
I can't imagine what my father was thinking...
Mr Room, From Doorway
Man, that room was small. Maybe it always seems like that when you go back to when you were a child.
My Room
There it is. Thirteen years spent there. The night before we moved, there were so many roaches in the place that I couldn't sleep.
The Stoop
All manner of games were played here, including: "Off The Point" although in this shot the "point" is gone.
1636: Through The Doors
You turn right, and ...
1636 Front
And when I went back two years ago on the lost hunt for my youth, here's where it began: 1636 University Avenue has a certain totemic feeling for me 45 years later.
1636 Lobby #a2
This is the freaky looking lobby you are greated with, faux fireplace and all.