Back to the Bronx
And we enter
My father and I return to 1636 University Avenue have several decades. I'm not sure why at this point I decided to return. Just for the hell of it.
Joan's Room
At one point, I shared the room with Joan. We used to have these beds with these headboards that we invented a game about. \n You would scratch them, cross your heart, and make a wish. I wanted to own a pizza place. Joan wanted to own the deli across the street.
1636 Kitchen
The apartment is deserted. Through that window is where me and my sister would throw eggs down at the super for fun.
And then we left
For the last time.
1636: The Master Bedroom
I can't imagine what my father was thinking...
Mr Room, From Doorway
Man, that room was small. Maybe it always seems like that when you go back to when you were a child.
My Room
There it is. Thirteen years spent there. The night before we moved, there were so many roaches in the place that I couldn't sleep.
The Stoop
All manner of games were played here, including: "Off The Point" although in this shot the "point" is gone.
1636: Through The Doors
You turn right, and ...
1636 Front
And when I went back two years ago on the lost hunt for my youth, here's where it began: 1636 University Avenue has a certain totemic feeling for me 45 years later.
1636 Lobby #a2
This is the freaky looking lobby you are greated with, faux fireplace and all.
Bike and Concourse


The Bronx In Paris
Yes, even the French love The Bronx
Bronx Tire Store

Terminal Market
Bronx Terminal Market
Burnside Cupola

Burnside Station


Courthouse and Man #5

Looking at Stadium #3

Statue Head #13

Statue and Bronx Sign #13

Cross Bronx #10

Cross Bronx Sign
Like the sign, this section of the site is a work in progress...
Crossing 3rd Ave. Bridge #3

Dental Lab

Dyre Ave. Train


Feet in Window

Fire #10

Flat Tires #14

Fordham Road Roof #22

Fordham Road Roof #3

From George's Window
circa 1960. My apartment is across University Ave.
Garden Trail #18

Getting into your Job

Hewbrew Institute

He Will Be Our Guide
Woodlawn Cemetery. We moved up to Putnam place which was one block from Woodlawn Cemetery.
Highbridge Tower #36

House of Detention (Cat)

Joan and Me
One of the few pictures of both of us. I'm about six I guess.
Little G.W. Bridge, Arch

Looking South from Burnside
Looking South to New York
Madison Ave. Bridge #28

Make Decisions

Masonic Lodge #15
On the grand Grand Concourse
Medical Tomb

Miles Davis, Tomb

Mosholu Courtyard #1

Mosholu Tracks

North Brother Island #3

Oval Building #5

Paradise Clock #15

Paradise Theater #5

Poe House

Putnam Place #2

St. Raymond, Saint #15

St. Raymond with Bridge #17

Stairs and Door #24

St. Joe's (wide shot)
St. Joseph's, known as St. Joes.
The Block

The Unopened Door

Throgs Neck Extension

Tremont Park and Fire #4

Trestle and Curve #8

Truck, Muggler

Until We Meet Again

V. King, Portrait

View from a Bridge

Woodlawn Cemetary, Trees and Lake