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Monday, April 18, 2005

Chinese Chess

The game is similar to regular chess, but there's no Queen and there's a cannon that can only fire if there is a piece for it to jump over.  I was kidding around with some of the guys saying that I'd take on the winner, but they asked me a couple of basic questions about the game which I didn't know the answer to.  Oh well.  I would like to be a Chinese Chess Grandmaster.

8:51:55 PM    

rum, coke, cocaine
"Next Year Is Now"

6:55:38 PM    

rum, coke, cocaine
On Alley Doorway, Chinatown

6:49:19 PM    

Kung Fu, Chinatown

When you are selling handbags on a side street in Chinatown, it is important to know Kung Fu, especially if, like this guy, you are from India.

6:42:15 PM    

Generations, Chinatown

I was supposed to be working on a couple of prints but I went downstairs, at first just to walk around in the sun, and found myself in Chinatown.

3:46:56 PM    

Adobe to buy Macromedia This is in the NY Times.  You may have to login.  (Barrett).

11:37:17 AM