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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

"Kyocera has today announced that it has decided to terminate the Contax branded camera business. Contax joined forces with Yashica in the 1960s, which became part of the electronics giant Kyocera in the mid-1990s." Press Release

More here

9:36:00 PM    

Couple, Chinatown

9:23:08 PM    

Soho / Broadway

One day I hopped on a tour bus and used it as my moveable ladder. A New York scene where nothing is going on, and everything is going on. There's even a truck in the distance labeled, "G.O.D."

9:15:24 PM    

I put up a gallery via iView: New Prints for Sale.

Once the info is in the catalogue it is produced with no massaging at all.

3:32:15 PM    

I've done enough testing with iView gallery creation to believe it will do the trick for me, so I'll be working on revamping the galleries for the rest of the week. One thing I want to do is make the images larger. I also want to include more info such as date and place taken. I've been wanting to do this for a long time. One other benefit is since it is non-frameless, it is easier to send specific page links to people who are interested in some subset of images, and I you won't get all those dumb hits on frame sources, rather than on the page itself. All in all - it's gonna be fine.

10:10:32 AM    

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