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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

So for anyone that ever wants all the nitty-gritty about what lens was used, exposure mode etc. the Blog Image Gallery is now up and running. It's not everything - just recent things - but you might find it interesting to write your doctoral papers on how many times I used Program Mode as opposed to AV or TV modes. You can see the lenses used, the exposure mode and every last bit of trivia - except how or why the shot was taken as it was. That's something that I don't know.

Nikon now has software in it's consumer cameras that can recognize and focus on faces. Personally, I think I'm still smart enough to recognize a face myself - but maybe someday I'll need that as well.

10:33:46 PM    

Mayor of Central Park
Mayor of Central Park

I sat on a park bench with him by the reservoir and he told me his life story. He was the first one to start running around the reservoir, 50 years ago. It's a long story - maybe I'll post it another time.

"Would you like to see a 90-year old with a walker do a headstand," he asked suddenly.  And up he went.

Mayor of Central Park

4:45:20 PM    

I've begun to experiment with the iView web gallery generated. No problems. Lots of user keywords (which I haven't used yet but have tried to see how they work).

This is called: Images From A Blog

It is another work in progress, and I'm using it to figure out the best way to go.

Here's what I like about it:

1) It doesn't use iFrames which are a PITA.

2) Good documentation of "tokens" (metadata) and lots of them to use.

3) Index pages are a lot easier to deal with rather than frames with sliding thumbnails.

4) Easy to create "sets" of images in iView for various galleries.

5) File structure it creates makes sense.

6) And this is big, you can have passthrough HTML code in the CAPTION field. This is very big for me since I can associate two different pieces of code on an image by image basis, one for things that are for sale, and one for non-sale items. Also, the caption field (unlike Photoshop Galleries recognizes line feed carriage returns.) And that is the wonder of all wonders.

7) Much better for displaying larger images since they are on their own page. 

*Since the images are various sizes, I'm going to have to put the previous / next buttons somewhere where they don't move around on the page from image to image. 

12:58:53 PM    

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