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Saturday, April 02, 2005

church door, ,Park Avenue
Church Door #5

These posts are now all being done with a "touch" of grain via GrainSurgery. I'm trying to get a feel for what the prints look like by using one preset grain for the web images, and another one for the prints themselves. It's very subtle if you take the large image, apply grain and then resize for the web, you don't get the feel of it on the monitor. I'm still not sure whether I should apply sharpening after or before the grain is added. If you do it afterwards you obviously get more pronounced grain. I'm tending to do it before grain is introduced. This was shot at ASA 800.

7:39:53 PM    

central park, rain

Nothing But Rain...

bike messenger
Bike Messenger, Rain

7:02:57 PM    

I think that with the addition of GrainSurgery which I bought last night, I took the last step towards getting digital prints that have a film feeling.  I've only been using the preset film grains so far, but I'm going to use their sampling and sample some HP5 plus film soon.  Really curious about how that works out.  It's also very powerful for removing noise.

1:15:58 PM    

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