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Thursday, March 31, 2005

It only took me about 12 years, but I added, Crossing Brooklyn Bridge to the for sale section. I did it at 11 x 14. I'm definitely getting more comfortable doing digital prints at larger sizes.

Also added "Jump, Playground."  Two good prints in one day (a record for me).

12:54:38 PM    

sanitation workesr
Team Portrait

As far as all the hoopla about which camera is best for this and that, the one thing I would say is the camera that you take with you is the best one. I have two bags. One with the full 20D system, and one with one or two lenses and an extra battery. That I always have with me. This and a few other "sanitation" shots were done on my way to get coffee. As I walked past them, the guy on the left stopped me and asked if I'd like to take his picture.

And as usual - they all say this, "I hope I don't appear on America's Most Wanted."

I didn't even laugh as I've heard this a million times. I just said, How did you know I love to take pictures of sanitation guys?

He said he just knew by looking at me.

Which was weird since I don't even think I glanced at them as I was going by. I took the requisite smiling portrait, and then hung around to do more candid shots. I was chatting with them while they slung the bags which is probably why the guy is amused in the next photo.

This was shot with the 24mm so you can imagine how close I was standing to them and as I got very close I said, let me know if I bump into you, I don't see that well. (Laughter).

- - -

Fire Department: The Bravest
Police Department: The Finest
Corrections Department: The Boldest
Sanitation Department: The Strongest

I've been looking for other nicknames for city workers, i.e. the MTA, Teachers etc. but can't find any info.

10:44:46 AM    

sanitation worker
Tossing Garbage

10:33:31 AM