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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

street scene
Street Scene

9:03:21 PM    

Woman, Park Bench

12:51:49 PM    

Coffee Shop, Morning

One of those shots, I'm not sure translates well on the web. The interesting thing (for me) is the dust on the windows - and how that texture effects the reflections. The right side is through double glass, the left side through one pane of glass. Anyway, in the print you can see that she is reading about ways to cook pasta.

Oh, my reflection, and the fact that I'm looking down. It's one of the things I like about having a "system" camera. You accumulate toys to play with, in this case the right angle finder. I think that it helps sometimes to distance me from the subject and concentrate on composition a little more. I always liked shooting with the old Rollei TLR as well.

You do look a little retarded using it on the street - but c'est la vie. Now, instead of looking like a tourist, you look like a land surveyor.  "Oh, yes.  I'm working for the city now taking readings for the new East Side Stadium."

10:55:39 AM    

Subway, Reading

I've begun using the 20D on the subway at 1600 ASA. Not bad at all. In fact, when you convert to grayscale to print, it shows less grain / noise (by far) than 400 film. As far as shutter noise goes, I would suggest that you have i.d. with you in case you are picked up by an undercover cop.

9:31:20 AM