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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

4:25:40 PM    

The biggest single business mistake I make is not carrying business cards around. I don't know what is wrong with me since a) I have about 500 of them in my drawer, and b) almost everytime I go out I end up being asked for one. It happened again today when I was doing some more shooting at the dog walk. I fixed someone's film camera (she had loaded the film wrong) and while I was taking shots of her dog she looked at a couple on the back of the camera and wanted some. Neither of us had a card. She didn't speak English very well and my Spanish is awful. We tried to stick my phone number into her cell phone but it was too hard to see the screen.

Again, last night this happened with one of the couples who stopped by while I was shooting windows and wanted their picture shot in front of the Dior window. Again, a bunch of fumbling, but no cards. Right now, I'm opening the drawer and I'm going to stick 100 cards in an envelope in my camera bag. Now where did those cards go to?

I think it's the cat's fault (well who else is there to blame?) I keep his yellow brush in the top drawer and whenever he hears it open, he tries to jump in. Hey! Scat! C'mon, I'm tryin' to run a business here. I'll brush you later. I swear. (Crinkle crinkle while I go through papers in the drawer). Ouch!  Oh great, now I can't find 'em.  Mr. Organization here.

3:54:42 PM    

On the Waterfront

3:38:29 PM    

Plants Behind Window

3:30:52 PM    

Dancing in The Dark, NYC Last Night

I suppose that eventually you begin to look like what you do.  Last night, I hopped into a cab, down to 59th street, one of my favorite places, and the cab pulled up in front of one of the fancy hotels.  The doorman rushed out to open the door for me (yeah, I can really afford the Ritz), and I walked out onto a red carpet.  The doorman sized me up and said, "Who's in town?"

I didn't get what he meant and said so.  And he looked around and whispered again, who's in town.  Funny thing, I noticed one of those secret service wires going up to his ear.  Anyway, I told him no one was in town, and winked at him. 

He looked disappointed.  So I told him, I heard that Jennifer what's her name (I couldn't even think of her last name, the one from Friends) was rumored to be around.  This impressed him, and he said, "Good luck, Buddy. It has been awful quiet around here lately."

I said, as if I had actually been busy covering celebs, "Yeah, they don't like the weather here much."

And walked off to photograph reflections.

7:11:39 AM    

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