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Saturday, March 12, 2005

I walked up to Best Buy on 86th to see if they had the Canon 350 in stock but they didn't. At least the sales guy who was twisting the back off a digicam said he didn't think they had it.

I'm planning to go to B&H tomorrow to at least compare the 350 XT and 20D side by side (skip this if you are bored by it and think I should just buy one or the other and don't want to hear anymore) but I still have this stinking cold and maybe I shouldn't make the decision until I'm half there... But then again, maybe you enjoy all this masticating (I said masticating) and you're probably going to think I'm crazy (if you don't already) but:

The 350 XT looks more like a toy. That is actually a plus for me. In fact if they packaged it like an old Brownie box camera that would even be better. It is probably a little bit quieter. I know - who cares. I might. But, and this is a big but: the 20D is, according to all accounts - better with low light focusing and the viewfinder is a bit brighter. I don't care about all the dpreview comparisons about noise, and whether one is every so slightly better than the next. What I really want is the camera that makes me the most invisible; though it still needs to work as well as its cousin that doesn't make you invisible. That's it. I swear. Not another peep out of me until the deed is done.

5:55:08 PM    

John Wayne in Window

Continuing to work my way through reprints of old negatives. This one includes: a smiling John Wayne in an advertisement for Rheingold (sp?) beer; a Menorah, a couple of Christmas lights around the edge; the centerpiece - an ice cooler with coca cola decal; and, if that wasn't enough, a water buoy.

2:14:12 PM    

Night Collectors

We were both out collecting last night: bottles and images.

3:32:20 AM