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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Tree & Clouds

Near Gracie Mansion.

And added to the Recent Prints for sale section.

9:15:33 PM    

I sent A. Gumbler out to investigate the Best Buy training program and this is what just arrived by carrier pigeon:

If you want to blame Best Buy for the low quality of their customer service staff, forget about it. It turns out that this huge corporation, like almost all huge corporations, outsources the training of their employees to another huge corporation called Accenture.

This reporter managed to infiltrate one of the Accenture training sessions located deep in the Amazonian rain forest. Here is a secretly recorded excerpt from that session:

This is called a digital camera. You press this button to take a photograph.

Mr. Monkey Eater
No picture please. You steal my soul. I shoot you with blowgun.

Ms. Piranha Teeth
Don�t be so superstitious, M.E.
Many Best Buy consumer like digital camera.

 Thank you, P.T.
You get an A+ for adapting to corporate culture.

Ms. Piranha Teeth
Thank you, sir.  I want to manage
big Best Buy store in Manhattan.

 Good for you! Now who knows what this is?

Mr. Dung Beetle
 I know! I know! Plasma TV!

 Very good D.B. Now what do you say if the customer asks you if it fits in a taxi cab?

Mr. Dung Beetle
I shrink his head.

Ms. Piranha Teeth
 No, stupid! You say, �Yes, of course.�

Marvelous, P.T. ! You always say �yes� Mr. Dung Beetle.

Mr. Dung Beetle:
 Okay, I sorry. What is a taxi cab?

 You�re doing so wonderfully guys that
I think we�ll just skip the rest of the training and
fly you all to Manhattan tomorrow.

12:32:33 PM    

I was giving Bill a tour of how this web site was created - and I think the most interesting thing for him was how everything was being generated through the Photoshop Web Gallery. When you look at one of the galleries - every word is being stored in the tiff file. This is still a little bit tricky because Photoshop CS only allows four "TOKENS" (metadata tags) that work at the individual file level. They are: CAPTIONTITLE (the document title), FILEINFO (the document description), CREDITS, and COPYRIGHT. There are a lot of other TOKENS that work at the web gallery level, i.e. you set them when you are creating the gallery and they will appear on each page, but are not tied to individual files.

In other words, these four tokens hold information that you can change, edit etc. in the Metadata tab, and then place these tokens in the Web Gallery Template so that they are replaced by the text when the html is generated.

There are lots of other Metadata Tokens, but either these can't be changed, because they hold information such as file size, or next and previous html pages; or there are no supported Web Gallery Tokens.

One other funky aspect is that Photoshop doesn't recognize line feed / carriage return in the metadata. If you are putting a big chunk of description into the FILEINFO token and you insert CR/LFs they don't get translated properly when the gallery is generated.

So, one problem that I had was - suppose you want to use one template to generate html files that have both prints for sale, and prints that aren't for sale. There is no conditional language built into the language itself. If you look at some of the 'Other Galleries' you'll find a mixture of html pages, some with prints for sale, some without it. These were generated on one pass. How you do that without conditionals? I use the CAPTIONTITLE to hold a keyword: either 'hide" or "nohide."

In the template code, I created two CSS classes: .hide and .nohide. So, when the token is parsed - it ends up giving a piece of code which uses one of these two classes, and in the class, visibility is turned on or off.

The other funky problem is carriage return / line feeds. This is not as elegant, but it works. I simply made my own token, in this case the "~" symbol, and insert that into the metadata where I am going to want a CR/LF. After the files are generated, I use the Global replace in Dreamweaver to change the "~" to "
. It's quick and painless - but as I say, not elegant.

I am seriously hoping that the next version of PS CS has full support for all the metadata tokens, and (gosh) can deal with CR/LFs in the metadata.

9:36:57 AM    

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