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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Bill Emory

Stopped by and I subjected him to a "sitting." This was done with the 200mm and one floor lamp. Camera on tripod, and Bill told not to breathe for 1/2 second.

- - -

B&H has the 350 XT in stock so - I'll take a trip down there on Sunday and pick up either that one or the 20D though as I've said, I'm leaning towards the 20D.

6:08:45 PM    

A friend dragged me to Best Buy the other day to help her select a t.v. She was going to fit it into a wall unit but she forgot to bring a tape measure. No one in Best Buy had one. They said that Jimmy had one but they couldn't find him.

So she went next door to a hardware store and bought one and came back and measured the t.v. It would fit - but with about a 1/16th of an inch to spare. Looking at the carton the t.v. came in I told her to have it delivered - that it wouldn't fit in the trunk of a cab. She made the mistake of asking the salesman who told her that it would fit. That it wouldn't be a problem.

I whispered to her that the sales people here were morons (that's the actual word I used) and told her that it wouldn't fit.

We wheel the thing around to an elevator and up onto the street and hail a cab. It doesn't fit. She asks me why the sales guy would have told her it would. I repeated, that they are morons.

We tried two other cabs. No go.

Bring it back in - back to the elevator - back to the same sales clerk - telling him that it won't fit in a cab. Rather than saying he's sorry or anything along those lines - he asks if she wants to have it delivered. That it will take four business days. Pissed - my friend says she'll return it.

We wheel it over to the return counter where a teenage girl with a really bad cold walks over - bends down close to me to remove a sticker from the carton. My friend jumps back - seeing the snot running down the teenagers' nose and motions for me to get back as well. But it is too late. Snot and and me are face to face and she coughs on me and hands me some paperwork.

Upshot: bad sore throat and swollen glands for me the last couple of days. T.V. bought somewhere else and delivered same day. Oh, and it does just fit.

I am going to send A. Gumbler out to do an undercover story on how Best Buy clerks are trained and how many of them have spent time at Rikers. (cough)

I don't have time or energy to write about othe electronics stores right now (cough) - but I still believe that Best Buy is a cut above Radio Shack (do they sell radios anymore?) and Circuit City.

9:20:37 AM    

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