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Saturday, March 05, 2005

The 350 XT is starting to appear in stores. I haven't seen one yet but it has popped up in a couple of Best Buys according to a post or two in They seem to appear in the midwest first.

A couple of people who have bought or held the XT mention that it feels too light or too small for their hands, etc. The usual stuff when a new camera first appears. I have the money to get either the XT or the 20D and right now I'm strongly leaning towards the 20D: better build; same batteries as the Rebel (I dislike the idea of having two sets of batteries); better viewfinder with more info; out long enough so that the firmware is fixed, the adobe raw converter is out (I assume); better focusing; many more custom functions; can shoot more raw shots before getting the dreaded "busy" signal ... in short it will probably be worth the money to go for the 20D. However, until I compare them in hand, side by side - no decisions.

- - -

Print sales (phew) began to pick up in March. Don't know why, and don't want to tempt fate by asking why, though it has happened in previous years around this time.

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