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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sources at Kyocera have confirmed that the company is to cease production of film and digital cameras...

Yikes!  I feel guilty.  I know I used to spend a lot at B&H on film cameras, but this is bad news.

I probably spent more money on Contax bodies and Zeiss lenses than any other cameras... man.  I'm sure that people felt similar things about Ilford, Leica, et. al.  But Contax?

9:53:18 PM    

Buddy in Mirror

Found this shot from a few weeks ago which I had forgotten about.  He's fascinated with the bathroom mirror.

9:49:22 PM    

Futzing with site continues.  I added a new section for People.  Probably much too many pictures in there (165) - but I like most of them.  Will probably edit it down tomorrow.  Background is going back to white.  Arrow icons on the galleries.  The cat section should really be "dogs & cats." 

- - -

I heard from A. Gumbler today. He said he had been fired from his night guard job at the Met. because he fell asleep in one of the mummy tombs.  It was opened for renovation and he said that a lot of the guards were taking cat naps there.  However, he may have a job with Bloomberg!  He has a cousin who is an assistant deputy in charge of public relations for the top secret east side stadium.  The only problem is that A. Gumbler has an erratic history of being in and out of mental hospitals and his cousin is trying to make sure this isn't discovered in the vetting process.

8:42:12 PM    

Umbrella Man

This, believe it or not, was shot in broad daylight.  My PS skills weren't that good back then, so I sort of ignored this, but today I noticed he standing against a bright red background - and applied a filter to soak that all up.

4:34:02 PM    

Supreme Court Rulings, October, 2050
A. Gumble

In a landmark decision today, the Supreme Court ruled 7-5 in favor of removing the words �In God We Trust� from all future currency printed in the United States.  Chief Justice Howard Stern gave the majority opinion, in which he paraphrased the First Amendment by stating that �the government should keep its snotty nose out of the God business.�  The minority opinion was given by Justice Britney Spears, who sang, �If you can�t trust God, who can you trust?�

The decision would have very little practical effect, since almost all financial transactions are electronic, but collectors have been hoarding the archaic paper bills and metal coins hoping they might one day bring value in the antiques market.  Ironically, today�s Supreme ruling may, in fact, increase the value of the old-fashioned currency among staunchly religious people, who have already been known to wave obsolete dollar bills at church services, chanting, �In God We Trust.�

Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve and the oldest man alive, weighed in on the matter, stating that the Supreme Court decision may have a detrimental effect on the U.S. trade deficit, which recently exceeded in dollars the number of atoms in the observable universe.  He cited the fact that we are the only non-Muslim country left in the world, except of course for Israel, and our decision to eradicate God from our currency will even further isolate us from the world community.   

The next case the Supreme Court is expected to hear involves a law recently passed by the Wisconsin legislature which limited medical benefits to same-species marriage partners.  Upon being denied benefits for hoof and mouth disease, a diary farmer and his �bride� sued the state of Wisconsin and the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case.  

Chief Justice Stern, who remains a staunch convervative on the issue, has privately let it be known that he thinks inter-species marriage is �Udder madness.�  Justice Spears, who tied the knot three years ago after a very public affair with one of her thoroughbreds, maintains that love transcends the species barrier and should be sanctioned by the state.  �With the advent of cloning, children are no longer an issue,� stated Justice Spears, whose five cloned daughters recently tied for first in American Idol�s 50th annual singing contest.  Spears also confirmed that her son will run in the Kentucky Derby this spring.

12:07:48 PM