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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

NYC Acropolis 78

9:03:31 AM    

I doubt if you, dear reader [archaic phrase, but I like it], care too much about this stuff, but I took a major (I hope) step forward in the organization of the site and added a (gasp) drop down menu on the home page. If this thing doesn't work for you a) let me know and b) let me know what browser you're using. There's still a bunch of other stuff on the site that's buried that I want to add to it, but don't want to go too far until I know that it is somewhat reliable.

If I don't get too many complaints, I'll move it to all the pages.

Oh, and if any designers want to take a crack at a dave beckerman photography logo - that would be great. Mine is pretty lame. In the time honored barter system which the artist lives by - I'll send you a small print of your choice if I end up using it. I think my last name is too long for a good logo, maybe I'll change it to "Beck." I already cut one letter off my first name. Maybe I'll just go with Dave Pixel.

- - -

Oy. I forgot how flakey it is to get stuff working in various browsers. Firefox always behaves properly - at least for me. It does what I expect. IE is another ball of wax. It's funny how these things begin. Started with an idea about adding some functionality to the comments (which I never did) leading to the RSS lead for the home page, leading to the new menu... I just thought that after five plus years it was about time to try and make the site look and work better. (Translation: let's see how long it takes to give me a headache. Actually, I didn't get a headache but my left molar has suddenly become sensitive to cold.)

7:42:11 AM