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Friday, February 25, 2005

The West Side Stadium... I don't know whether I want or don't want the West Side stadium. I don't care much about the Jets, but it would be great to have the Yankees or a third baseball team play there. But I don't care and don't want the Olympics.

However, the weird thing is that Madison Square Garden (no MSG please) which is the main force against the building of the West Side Stadium, played host last night to members of the Olympic committee who are here to scope out New York for the 2012 Olympics. They were treated to a dinner at Gracie Mansion where Paul Simon sang to them.

Sanitation workers were put in charge of making sure the streets were free of snow so that the OIC members could get from the Park Plaza Hotel to Lincoln Center (according to Mad Dog).


A. Gumbler

In a bold move, to boost tourism and stay competitive in the NYC bid for the 2012 Olympic Games, the MTA president will announce the details of a refurbishment of the NYC transit system, which will be based on a Hollywood theme:

1. All subway cars will be rebuilt to resemble famous trains from the movies: The Great Train Robbery, Murder on the Orient Express, Strangers on a Train, etc.

2. All subway stations will be remodeled after the sets of famous movies. The Times Square station, for example, will become Star Wars, fully staffed with characters and props from the film. The token clerks will be clad in Darth Vader costumes.

3. The TA cops will dress as film noir detectives and will be trained to do Humphrey Bogarts voice.

4. Garbled announcements by train conductors will be replaced by July Andrews singing warnings about reporting suspicious packages.

5. To serenade waiting straphangers, all homeless persons will be required to learn one song from the Wizard of Oz. They will also form a choir and sing, "We're off to see the wizard..."

It will be worth the price tag, insists the MTA president. Moscow has chandeliers and art in their underground. New York needs Hollywood.

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Don't know anything more than what is in this link:

Fire, B&H Warehouse

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