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Friday, February 18, 2005

Head on Balustrade, (Metropolitan Museum)

3:48:43 PM    

Met Shadows, West Side

3:20:01 PM    

And, he then pressed the shutter and took a flash macro shot of his nostrils. Kids are so advanced these days. (Metropolitan Museum)

2:46:40 PM    

I was asked in the interview whether I had a favorite picture (of mine). I couldn't really come up with anything. One answer I've heard artists say is: they are all like my children. How could I like one over the other.

Lots of parents have favorites. Remember Tommy Smothers saying that mom liked you best? Or was it the other Smothers Brother. You don't even know who the Smothers Brothers were? That's okay, I don't know anything that's going on in pop culture in this century.

I know that Michael Jackson is standing trial or going to stand trial for child molestation, but I don't care much about him and wasn't a fan while he was doing the moonwalk, so I don't get the big thing. I was upset to see Roman Polanksi go into exile, but that's another story.

I haven't seen any of the movies for the Acadamy Awards. Don't care to. I know, I know, Million Dollar Baby is great. I don't care. Hotel Rawanda is heart wrenching. Don't care. The Grammy Awards: I liked The Lonely Boys, but that was about it.

Now it is true, that after giving up the t.v. for several months, that I did buy another one. This was because I had been following football on the radio and wanted to see the games. The funny thing is, that after getting the t.v. back, I didn't go back to my old habit of having the t.v. on all day. In fact, and this must show my age, the only show I've watched is a mystery show on channel thirteen with Diana Rigg.

The only thing that interests me right now is the Gaussian blur tool.

And, something I've been meaning to do and will right after I write this: was there someone named Gauss that this blur was named after? Was he a mathematician or a photographer, or a scientist? That is what I'm curious about now. Mr. Gauss.

Don't worry, I didn't give this answer to the interviewer (remember where this started) about my favorite picture. The absolute truth is, it is almost always the thing I'm working on at the moment. I always think that this is going to be the best thing I've done. For a while, it is. Then something else takes its place.

Last night, in fact, this was my favorite picture:

Gulls on Lamppost

11:44:18 AM