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Thursday, February 17, 2005

I've been experimenting with various ways to magnify, or change the size of an image. I don't want to use anything that requires a plug-in. Artscope has something for panning, but it is expensive and I like this magnifier idea better. As far as I can figure, it's got to be done either with Javascript or with Java Applet.

If you feel like testing this zoom java applet, click here. Does it add anything to the viewing experience for you? I'd love to know if you think it or something like it is useful.

- - -

And here is the full review (preview) of the Canon 350 XT. Absolutely blows me away reading through these specs. One thing I was dying for was the Custom Function 4, which is how I almost always used the Elans. It allows you to prefocus by using the AE button and then shoot away without the camera trying to refocus. Even with the firmware hack to the 300D, this feature was missing.

And that this camera is probably going to retail for $899. It is all moving so quickly. Getting to the point where who knows, the digital slr will cost the same as the equivalent film camera (one more 18 month cycle I'd guess.) A clean 8 megapixel file is the equivalent of a 35mm negative (in my opinion). And from a file storage point of view, I wouldn't want anymore.

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