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Monday, February 14, 2005

John Finley Walk
John Finley Walk

I was in a taxi cab on my way - I don't even remember where - when a hearse passed by. The cab driver caught my eye in the mirror: "Well, he's got it easy now, I guess."

"What do you mean", I asked?

"Him, the guy who's dead. Nothing more for him to worry about. No bills to pay. No mouths to feed. He's got it made", he said.

"Do you really think so," I asked.

"Yeah, I do.

He was only about thirty years old. I looked at his name and figured him for Russian.

"After all," he continued, this - this is hell, right here. This is where we were put to suffer. What could be worse?"

I didn't think he was going to get large tips with this line of banter, but we went on with the hearse in front of us now.

"Well, you believe in heaven and hell, I can see that. But don't you think that hell might be worse? You don't know anything about him. Maybe he was happy while he was here."

The cab driver looked, this time, turning his head, "I doubt it. And nothin' can be worse than this. Nothin'"

I thought of how lucky I was - sitting in that cab going around doing what I wanted most of the time.


"In a soil thick with snails and rich as grease
I've longed to dig myself a good deep grave,
There to stretch my old bones at ease
And sleep in oblivion, like a shark in a wave." - Flowers of Evil, Baudelaire

9:49:25 PM    

Roosevelt Island
Roosevelt Island, Toned

I guess I should call this Lighthouse Revisited. I've been futzing with this image for a couple of years. I don't mean this particular image, but this view. The lighting was fairly dramatic the other day, but the sky was blown out. I did what I'll call a wedgie on this - something I picked up in the Camera Raw book, doing two different RAW conversions of the same file (one for the highlights, and one for the lowlights) and then layering them with the overlay option and a couple of other settings. I think it looks natural. I'll have to let it sit around a while and then look at it again.

3:41:00 PM