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Friday, February 11, 2005

Christos Gates, Metropolitan Museum
Christos Gates and Metropolitan Museum

9:40:40 PM    

Reflection Pool, Metropolitan Museum
Reflection Pool, Metropolitan Museum

Mostly empty, and steamy today in the cold.

I know some people are curious about what lens / camera combination was used for these so I'm going to try and throw in some of that info when I can't think of anything much to say:

Camera: DREBEL / LENS: 100mm F2.0
Handheld / 1/1000 sec / F7 / ASA 200 / RAW

I remember Dylan talking once about how different keys had different feelings.  I don't remember exactly but it was along the lines: The key of C is good for the blues, or the key of F was good for slow songs... It didn't make much sense to me at the time and he might have just been playing with the interviewer, but I often feel like, oh, I'm in the mood for a wide angle now.  I don't know why.

I still mostly shoot with prime lenses.  It's true, I hear myself saying, you know, I'm tired of that 100mm, this is wide angle territory, but I don't have anything specific in mind.  And then eventually, something that was meant for the 24mm comes into view; or I see something that needs the 100mm and switch. 

7:58:19 PM    

Christos Gates
Christos Gates & Metropolitan Museum

The gates themselves are up. Tomorrow the orange banners will be unfurled. My reaction on seeing these orange gates was: wow. Amazing. I'm actually wondering, whether from a photographic point of view, they aren't more interesting like this - without the banners - very New York feeling.

And I wandered around taking pictures of all my favorite Central Park spots.

The other funny thing, ran into a guy with the 20D who asked me to take a picture of him with it. Dang it all, that had a nice feel to it. Was it kismet?

3:13:53 PM    

Schurz Gulls
Gulls, East River

11:28:33 AM    

I moved the 'SEARCH' mechanism off to another page and linked to it.  Now - you just wait - no one will ever use it.  But fine, it's there.

Funny, Barrett's comment about the previous picture looking so great on that nice big mac monitor.  At the same time I was sitting in someone else's house (who shall be unnamed - Joe!) looking at my site on a new Dell Flatscreen LCD - I think it was 17 inch, that for some odd reason, Joe refuses to use the proper resolution on so everything is huge.  Huge and crappy looking.  Could be Joe is going blind but I swear he had the thing set to something like 640 x 800... 

Well Joe, I say - don't you see how awful this stuff looks.  And especially with LCDs, they're meant to be used at a nice crisp resolution...

Joe: I like it like this.  Don't change it.  The kid's are used to it like this.  If you change it again, I'll kill you.

Me: Can't I at least adjust the brightness?  Everything is so washed out.

Joe: You just leave it alone.  Hey - honey - your nutty cousin is fiddling with the controls again.

Me: Alright, alright.  I'll leave it alone.  But don't blame me if you go blind in a couple of years.

Joe: Actually, now that you mention it... (might be continued)

4:30:20 AM