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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

As far as the blog search bar at the top goes, I don't see anyone using it much. I think I've been using it the most to find stuff in the blog and make links to it. I'll give it a few weeks to see if anyone uses it, but if not - back to oblivion for it. As an example, if you wanted to find all the versions and comments about the 'red door' you could type that in and see all mentions of it in the blog. I've also tried to use the word 'photo' in all the headings where there are pictures, so that if you type in 'photo' it will bring back just about all the photos that were posted in the blog.

- - -

The search bar was taking up too much space and wasn't being used much.  I moved it to its own page and will put a link to it tomorrow.  Yes, I could put it on the side, but if no one was using it at the top, less will use it on the side.

10:33:44 PM    

restaurant worker
Indian Restaurant Worker

Cleaning up in front of the restaurant.

2:45:59 PM    

Metropolitan Museum, In Front Of
In Front of Metropolitan Museum

2:33:11 PM    

The boards are filled with rumors of the replacement  for the 300D.  People are posting items such as:

I work at xyz store and the barcodes have been changed for a new model called the 350D.  Or the Rebel XT.  and no one knows what the thing will feature but the consensus is that it will use the same sensor as the 20D (8.x megapixels) and the same processor, and just be a software crippled version (or should that be challenged version), that just uses more plastic than the 20D.  And of course, the replacement for the 20D is in the works at the same time.  And something, everyone is certain about this, will be announced at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) meeting on Feb. 20th in Orlando.

Wanting the latest and greatest is something that has been bred into the male since the day of the caveman.  I can easily see two excited fur-clad men signaling to each other (hardly have language yet) about the latest speartip that GeekMan was working on.  The rumor was that after it was chipped enough to be sharp, GeekMan was using some secret combination of mud and ash to harden the tip so that it wouldn't break off when it struck bone.  This was going to give those with the GM Tip a technological lead and make all other flint tips obsolete.  Sure, there would still be those old timers, the guys in their late 30s that would cling to the old tips, but if you wanted to compete, you need the GM tip.

And so it goes.  The race is faster.  The chips are no longer made from flint.  But the desire to own the latest and the greatest - this has only been accelerated by the digital camera. 

11:26:19 AM    

Lipstick Building, Cafe
Lipstick Cafe in the Lipstick Building on 3rd Avenue

9:23:14 AM