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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Added a few new prints to the Prints for Sale section. If you don't see them, click the refresh button. (Christmas in NYC, Reservoir Building in Snow, The Secret Garden, Lamp Blur).

One of my ideas when I was moving to digital was that I should be able to offer more prints for sale. I am now up to 85. I would like to get to about 100 and then let people look by category.

I know that the montages have driven a number of people nuts; but they have been very helpful to me. One of the things that may have actually annoyed some people - yes, annoyed - was seeing them change all the time. Others might have liked this. For me, the experience of showing the changes as they were made - not that great. Sort of like painting with a bunch of people watching over your shoulder. Of course, I brought that on myself - but I'm going to bring the montage work into its own gallery soon, and publish it as it is "finished."

This sort of thing always reminds me of these experiments where many people write a section of book, online. Or the Stephen King experiment which utterly failed. Was it before its time - or do people simply not have time to watch works in progress? Is that something that I would want to see? Probably not. (Though I did like that film of Picasso painting...)

But the relationship between the web and art is still new, so who knows. People do like to see (after the fact) how a movie was made (the extras on DVD). But I don't think anyone would pay to go into a movie and watch the movie being made (except for a few Fellini fans).

On the other hand, people still pay to go watch the unedited version of the Wahrol film of the Empire State Building. Actually, I'd probably go see that if it was playing around.

7:36:12 PM    

But do all their boxes say "We" & "Sell" & "Boxes?"  I sent one of my reporters downstairs to try and find out, but he never returned.

5:11:18 PM    

Still Life - Papaya King, 86th Street

These were in the window - even the melon was yellow. So I got to experiment in Retouche Filter with changing just one individual section of the specturm and making the fruit brighter without changing anything else. This is the type of thing that would typically be done in the film world by putting a yellow or orange filter on the lens. Since you didn't know when you would need such a filter, you would have to carry a bunch around for lenses you thought you might use it for. Ah, the good old days.

However, what was the same was that looking at the arrangement I thought immediately, hmmm, wonder what this would look like if I could boost the yellow spectrum.  And it wasn't something you could see - but had to be imagined.  So maybe not that different from the old days, but if you were wrong, you could change it later.

I seem to remember that the 20D has the ability to apply various filters in camera, and definitely black and white.  I can't really see any purpose to this since I'd much rather do that sort of thing carefully post-shooting.

2:06:05 PM    

It's been a busy morning.  A couple of orders came in yesterday.  Don't know if people think I've stopped doing black and white and want to get it before it's gone or what - maybe just coincidence.  And so a couple of prints are done and sprayed (once).  I let them dry overnight, then spray once the next morning and once again that night and ship the following day, or at least try to.

Anyway, while the prints are being 'cured' I've got my backup system fine tuned, there's a job created in Nero that does an update to the One Touch External Drive automatically, and also let's me do it as warranted.  The Verbatim DVDs are doing their thing.

And I'm flying along now, going through lots of recent shots, wondering what I missed in terms of working on.  Etchers Hand is promising, but there are some high tones that are burnt out that I'm having trouble with.  And there are a couple of night color shots that I'm experimenting with.  What is the color of night anyway when the only illumination is - what?  Bounced around street lights?  How much light do we need to see anyway?  In lumens?

I have a lot of ideas about going foward with the montages - but I wanted to see how I would approach certain more traditional images, given the tricks I've picked up in Photoshop during the last month.

I did go back through the montages and see that I've done 12 during the month of January.  My favorite one is Rainy Window, maybe it is the most natural and moody although it a) wasn't raining and b) the things in the window panes were placed there by me.

11:16:11 AM    

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