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Monday, January 31, 2005

Believe it or not, this one also began with the bathroom door. I discovered the 'perspective' button in P.S. and started to stretch it out and I had the idea of taking the white edge of the door and stretching it and cutting it up and turning it into a two lane blacktop. But as I was doing that, I turned it on its side.

Hmm, what would go with that? How about some sky, and some buildings, but lets reverse blend the colors with the sky and then throw in some water.. talk about variations on a theme...

I have developed a new way of working with these types of compilations, which is to do them quickly in low resolution, just quickly pasting and manipulating things without thinking too much and then seeing where the process goes.  There is a sense of flow to the composition that way - and if I do stumble on something worth pursuing, then I go back and recreate it in a printable version.  So a lot of these are almost like sketches, or studies that might wind up in finished pieces later...

More Doors

8:30:25 PM    

White Door Handle

7:22:04 PM    

Not sure where you're going with all this digital stuff but I like the old black and white shots better. Maybe it's just me but it feels as if you're trying to be trendy? Or is it that right now you're just bored with black and white? You have shown us a lot of the montages but haven't really explained why you got into them or did I miss that somehow?

A Fan

The start of the montages - began with wanting to be able to do what I called variations. To keep certain things the same, like in a Nero Wolfe novel or a sonnet where there is a form but the substance or the plot changes. But there was something more at work and I would call it the expression of ego. The photograph, at least it seems to me, when it is done well subsumes the ego of the photographer. I know that you will say that the photographer makes all sorts of choices, which is true, about how and what to capture - but it is still very much based on what is there before you. And for me, it is about trying to show what interests me in a scene. It is, and I've said this before, not like writing music, poetry or painting where you are only limited by your imagination or lack of same. The montage is a mixture of the somewhat objective nature of the photograph and the artists invention. I would say that given the power of digital manipulation, the montage is closer to painting than photography.

I began walking around looking for things to put into the montages. Here are some items from the first one: Curb.

Here's another one: Divider, Central Park

Three Things

10:12:55 AM