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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Bike And Cosmos

Did you know that after two days, New York City snow is a dirty black-speckled mess, but if you photograph it and then turn it into a negative, it looks like a beautiful starlit night in the mountains. The bike happened to be caught in this slush so I deconstructed and reconstructed and did some plastic surgery on it and shot it into space.

Here are the source images:

At some point, I'm going to have to, well I don't have to but I should put up a little gallery for these digi-tages. Hey, why is it that the French always get there first in terms of names: collages, montages, surreal... who were the great Anglo Saxon artists? And what words (keep it clean) of Anglo Saxon origin relate to art? Photograph?

4:48:56 PM    

"Dave (or anyone) :

what is the difference between DVD+R & DVD-R ?"

I don't know. When Dell sent me a DVD burner, I went out and got the cheapest DVD that I could find that was still a brand name. I didn't know there was any significance to the "+" sign. I put the stuff in the DVD burner and up popped a message that there was nothing in the burner. Eventually, after a lot of firmware downloads et. al. I called Dell. They had no idea what the problem was, and never asked what type of media I was putting in.

Eventually, they agreed with me that there was something wrong with the DVD drive and they sent me a replacement. Of course, the same thing happened since it was the same media I was sticking in.

So then they sent, I kid you not, a technician to the house. He spent some time with it and also came to the conclusion that there was something wrong with the second drive. I found this hard to believe and went out and bought small packages of various DVD media. And of course, somehow managed to buy one from Fujifilm that was DVD+.

And that worked. I began looking carefully at the various packages and noticed the "+" and the "-". These weren't just ways of connecting letters, these had some meaning.

And that is how I learned about the plus and minus of DVDs.

Whether one is more reliable, faster, etc. than the other, which is really your question, and I don't know. I'm sure one of our readers will.

- - -

This is what I got from Google:

The truth is that the two competing technologies use different formats. No single company "owns" DVD and both technologies have their "champions".

DVD-R/RW was developed by Pioneer. Based on CD-RW technology, it uses a similar pitch of the helix, mark length of the 'burn' for data, and rotation control. DVD-R/RW is supported by the DVD Forum, an industry-wide group of hardware and software developers, and computer peripheral manufacturers. The DVD-R format has been standardized in ECMA-279 by the Forum, but this is a private standard, not an 'industry' ISO standard like the CD-R/RW Red Book or Orange Book standard.

DVD+R/RW is also based on CD-RW technology. DVD+R/RW is supported by Sony, Philips, HP, Dell, Ricoh, Yamaha, and others, and has recently been endorsed by Microsoft. DVD+R/RW is not supported by the DVD Forum, but the Forum has no power to set industry standards, so it becomes a market-driven issue.

This is what I got from my neighbor: DVD-R is more compatible, i.e. works on more devices. Quite frankly, right now all that matters is that the bits and bytes stay on the media for a while before evaporating.

Both + and - media, i.e. DVD+R and DVD-R are write once. You cannot create various sessions on the DVD+R.

Of course, there are also dual-layer DVD burners but I'm not sure that there is dual-layer media around. Sort of like having a record machine without any records. Now, how do you even test a dual-layer burner without any media? Oh, they have the media, they just haven't released it yet?

At any rate this stuff will hold twice as much data, but it's not like the old trick of turning the floppy over and copying stuff onto the other side as we did in the stone age, but there are actually two layers on the same side.

10:39:18 AM    

My friend, let's call him Zorro, wants to sell cosmetics as a sideline, so he sends me some images from the magazines of bottles of perfume and the like, and asks me how these were done. He and his friend have a couple of lights and a camera with a 70-200 lens.

I look at the images and realize that this is top notch tabletop photography, and in fact some of the most beautiful commercial art is of perfume bottles and women's cosmetics.  The less difference between things, the better the sales pitch needs to be.

Anyway, I try to explain to him that this is a highly technical specialized skill, that probably requires  a macro lens and at the very least  some soft-lights.

A macro lens?  What's that?

In addition, the images have been carefully and lovingly photoshopped.

So you see, when the rumor comes that photography industry is dead because everyone has a digital camera, don't believe it. There will always be era where patrons want beautiful things. In our era it is commercial art. Warhol was not that far off with the soup can.

In previous eras, it was religious art.

But always, there was a product to be sold to the public. And there always will be and in certain areas of art the most talented will be there to peddle for the peddlers. Everybody will not have their ten minutes of artistic fame.

On the other hand, they may have their ten minutes of documentary fame. And it will be harder for the authorities to have their way with the truth. Yes, contrary to the idea of how easy it is for digital media to be manipulated (a half truth, since you could always manipulate the public with lies), you will get digital truth from the unknown, witness the Iraqi prison scandel.

What would it have been like if their were digigrams flowing out of Cuba before the Spanish American war. There will be channels that support what we want to believe, but there will also be actual footage, by amateurs that will give these channels a run for their money.

Remember the Maine?

4:11:02 AM