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Friday, January 21, 2005

As far as Christos' Gates go - I wonder whether the snow tomorrow will cover those damned orange markers, though they might look interesting poking out. And I was thinking about going out to sort of "cover" the building of the Gates, but this type of coverage is probably being done, and I don't usually do very well trying to do something with a purpose.

So I was thinking about all this digital stuff and where it's going, and where I'm going, and I was trying to imagine what digital cameras would be like - not next year, not a decade from now - but a hundred years from now!

My guess was that a hundred years from now, voice technology would be old- old-hat. What would be new and hip would be wireless brain technology. A hundred years from now, they wouldn't even need to drill holes in your skull to get access to your cortex. Or to whatever that nerve is called that comes from the eye transmitting all those impulses.

A hundred years from now, you would just look at something, think about how you want it processed, answer a couple of questions (by thinking of course) and the brain reader would transmit, process and do all that other lovely sci-fi stuff that probably will never happen - and bingo - print out comes out of that miniature printer you've got in your shoe. Or somewhere.

Of course a hundred years from now video games will be played in your head, so kids will grow up knowing how to control the brain menu-system. There will have to be some menuing system otherwise all sorts of junk (like this thought poem) is going to be spit out to all the wrong people. Blink once for okay, blink twice for trash...

- - -

Barrett suggests LCD PICTURE FRAMES as becoming very popular. Hit a button and the picture(s) change. He might have something there, but I think this is looking out say, 10 years or less. What about 100 years hence? To get some idea of the change involved, you could I guess think 100 years ago and see what things were like and then extrapolate 100 years forward...

And speaking of mosaics, I must have been chanelling NASA more than any other artist types:

1:19:52 PM    

"comon' Dave- please oh please talk about layer blending techniques, particularly as they relate to b&w!" - Bill E.

That's actually not a bad idea. Maybe the key to this digital stuff is to try to pick some obscure area and write about that. Sort of like a tropical adventure. Black and white digital printing is way too big a subject for me to sit down and do before the rest of my day begins, like what I'm doing now.

What I've been experimenting with (the last cat shot is not quite there) is mixing black and white and color, but without any masking. In the example below, you should compare the saturation of the coat with the saturation of it in the previous shots. And by the time you get to the bottom of the picture, the wood is black, not brown anymore.

On the other hand, Bill may be kidding me, and probably there are lots of sites that will talk about layer blending techniques and black and white. 

My inability to write anything coherent in a technical way may stem from my not being that comfortable with the steadiness of my knowledge, but could be that I can't do anything like that without smoking, and it is now day 92 without a cigarette.  I read someplace that cigarettes kill brain cells, and somewhere else I read that cigarettes can help you think more cogently.  At this point I'd have to say: duh.

I'm doing this with two graduated filters that both go from transparent to maximum density... More on this later, I've got to get some coffee and get going - the last two orders to get packaged and shipped (yes Michael, one is yours) - so that I'm ready for the snow that is on the way.

10:18:52 AM