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Thursday, January 20, 2005

7:48:42 PM    

Yah.  Don't try this at home.  The cat was not that cooperative in terms of sitting still for a couple of shots.

5:15:10 PM    

I finally received my ticket for the Inauguration, so I'll be covering it live. I have a mobile satellite hook up and will be posting these images as often as I can. I know it looks like they have been taken from a t.v. but that is part of the protective screening they've set up everywhere in D.C.

It is very Imperial. When the trumpets blare before big shots are announced, it is like something from some old DeMille extravangza about corrupt Rome. But that's nothing new. I notice each at each inauguration. At least one song so far about a soaring Eagle (also the Roman insignia... okay, I won't go there right now). [I removed the Inauguration Image.  It was an interesting experiment for me, but the inauguration is over, and so is the life of the picture.)

One of the things that you may not realize, is that by doing these compilations, I've forced myself to learn a lot of Photoshop techniques that I might not have understood before.  These techniques that may have bored you; probably did; may end up in the service of naturalistic photography, or they may end up being used for something more painterly - but you can never go wrong experimenting with the things you use to make your art.

The biggest thing I learned, was layer blending techniques, as well as how to do some non-destructive unsharpening (actually sharpening).  And a few other things that I won't go into now.  Photoshop is really the equivalent of, at the very least, your enlarger, your lens, your easel, the way you develop your negatives, all aspects of printing techniques.  You are going to have to make friends with it.  You might approach it with your hand out and allow it to smell you first - but eventually, you are going to have to put a leash around it and teach it to walk with you.

8:23:04 AM