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Monday, January 17, 2005

Cobblestone Couple

Not quite finished, but I something about this that I like...

6:41:57 PM    

Some Recent Questions:

1) Dave: why did you go digital? I've been thinking of switching to digital but I'm wondering whether I can get the same results I'm getting now in the darkroom...

2) Dave, is it legal to take pictures of strangers on the street and sell them? What about landmarks like the Empire State Building?

3) Dave, how the hell have you been able to make a living on the web? I've been trying to sell photographs on the web for the last six months and haven't sold one. I quit my job and now I'm behind with the utility bills...

4) Dave, Is your Zone VI enlarger still available? If it is, I'm interested.

5) Dave, do you have any darkroom prints of Promenade left?

6) Dave, can I use some of your wonderful photographs for my new site. It's non-commercial.

7) Dave, do you offer any student discount? I'm a student at... (fill in the blank)

8) Dave, how did you build your web site? Can you give me any advice about creating a web site. Mine is not for photography, it's for (fill in the product).

11:19:15 AM