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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Behind Rainy Window

It actually wasn't raining when I took this. The condensation is from a steam table. Then various elements from interiors and exteriors were added.

4:41:35 PM    

Night Angel
F1.4 50mm
Warming filter and noise filter post-shooting.

Which makes me wonder, do people use filters on the lens of cameras anymore (other than say UV) since so much can be done post-shooting? I remember, a while back talking to a sales rep somewhere or other who was telling me that photo stores made a tremendous amount of money on lens filters. I wonder what's happened to the sales of filters in this day and age. Certain filters that can do things like cut through haze etc. - that can't really be done post-shooting, but all the cooling and warming filters? I guess that polarizers and graduated filters are still useful if you can't squeeze a wide exposure range onto your chip, but even there, I'm not so sure anymore... You can do an heck of a lot with the graduated PS filters, which it seems to me can mimic the graduated filter effect you get with actual glass filters.

10:46:20 AM    

Into a small purple-green room they shunted us for what was to be a birthday party, complete with a Karaoke machine, a book of numbers linked to thousands of songs, and sushi. The steamy room was a cross between a Japanese bordello, (or what I imagine one looks like) and a Seven Eleven.

I, and this is unfortunate, don't drink anymore - not even when raucous squealing that is supposed to be singing demands it - but I could see how the mix of a few drinks and control of the volume knob could combine to enduce hours of fun for the performers.

After an hour or so, I was forced to go up and sing Dylan songs - and I was channeling Dylan pretty good, various styles - but felt somewhat naked with guitar and harmonica. I suppose, at this point, that I can do pretty good renditions - so long as they keep the words bouncing around in front of me - and if there is ever a need for Dylan impersonators (a la Elvis mimics) I might have another career ahead of me.

There may be some pictures to follow, but I suspect this type of night is one where the participants would not like to have their visages plastered in this blog. I know I wouldn't. After all, how would you feel? To be stuck inside of New York with the Yorkville Blues agin?

4:01:43 AM