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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Curb on 83rd

I'm making progress - I think. I reshot the bottom curb. Got something important in - some dog poop. Also simplified the bottom which was annoying me before, and used a simple overlapping method for the bottom without any fancy dissolves or screen blending effects. I also looked at the number of shots in the Gutter Directory: it stands now at 350. Nowhere near that many shots in the final which probably has about 75 shots now - many cover eachother up partly. I could / would never have even attempted this with film.

I think this is basically the composition. There are colors and tilings to play with a little. But this is the idea. I showed an 8 x 10 print to some friends who basically didn't quite get what it was. Or to put it another way, they stared at it, puzzled - and then began to ask questions. What is it? Is it a painting? No, it's collage, isn't it. I like a lot of your photographs, but this one - I just don't get it. One person looked at it, immediately 'got it' and said, wow, that is really cool.

11:25:23 AM