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Monday, January 03, 2005

I like it.  I've been using the FireFox browser for a while now (PC) and it seems to grow on you.  The tabs are the biggest thing.   I often have several windows open at the same time when I'm creating invoices etc. and shipping labels and it is great to have them all nicely tabbed.  You can, of course, do the same thing by just opening lots of windows with IE, but tabs are cleaner and easier to deal with.

It automatically blocks pop-ups and tells you when it has done so, allowing you to override its behavior for specific sites (I needed to do this for the fedex site).

The only problem I've run into is with Userland Radio - the thing I use to write this blog.  No matter what, even though Firefox is set as the default browser, and even though the preference file in Radio is set to use FireFox as the browser - the first time you start Radio - it asks what browser to use.  Well, not exactly, it pops open a box which is in the Firefox program directory - but still can't figure out somehow that it (Radio) is supposed to launch FireFox.  This is something spooky with Radio, not with FireFox.

Another thing, it feels more stable.  IE isn't bad, but some weird things have happened with it at times.... weird... you know like it just won't launch for some reason until you reboot.  Why?  Dunno.  I haven't had any similar experiences with FireFox so far...

Anyway, I'm matting & packing prints today.  Already made run out to Fedex to ship two orders that were rushes.  Have four or five more to mat and ship.

12:14:33 PM