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Friday, December 31, 2004

I took the plunge and printed the ice skating rink shot (see below) at 12 x 18 inches. The shot was done at 200 ISO, on a tripod with mirror-lockup at f4.0. I printed it at 180 dpi (and at that it was a tiny bit rezzed up with bicubic smoother).

Printing time: with bi-directional printing turned off (IMAGEPrint RIP isn't happy otherwise and messes up the last few passes) - it took 15 minutes and 10 seconds. Perfectly fine with me.

At ISO 200, there is a tiny tiny bit of noise, but only in the middle tones, and you have to hunt for it and look real hard. Definitely can't be seen at a normal viewing distance. And much less that what you would get with film grain of 400, and about the same or less than 100 film (of course you can argue that to bits, whether it is the same thing, which film / developer combo etc.).  The point is - you can easily do 12 x 18 inch prints from this sensor.

I have to admit, that I'm also curious to see what the shots done at 100 ISO look like printed. I suppose that the noise is there on the screen, but honestly, I can't find it unless I print it.

So, in other words, 6 MegaPixels from a good-sized sensor, if carefully shot, is just fine for getting a 12 x 18 print.  I actually found myself adding some film grain with the noise filter to feel at home.

The digital surface of the large print is almost too smooth; too grainless.  I didn't mind it in the smaller prints, but the larger one - weird.  It's like I want grain in the thing.  So I am adding grain / noise with the gasussian monochromatic noise filter. Go figure.  Shoot noiseless - and add grain when you want it.

10:22:55 AM    


My prayer, for the new year:

- human nature improves by one-millionth of a degree and if not, at least

- my nature improves by one-millionth of a degree

- scientists in Paris discover that French Fries are good for us

- drugs that are now illegal, are legalized and,

- drugs that are now legal, are as safe as illegal drugs.

- a Tsunami warning system is put in place for those areas just hit and that the death count doesn't continue to grow everyday


8:34:59 AM