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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas approaches.  Ugh.  My nose is running and my eyes are watering.  Isn't it dark and gloomy.  I sat around most of the day listening to John Prine CDs.  That's what you should do if you want to wallow in it. 

They chose a good time for this holiday since winter is the darkest time of the year, with the most people checking into mental clinics and SRO motels.  Maybe they can glitter us out of it.  Hey, put some more tinsel on that tree, I'm beginning to feel better.

That whole turnaround thing that Scrooge does at the end - complete marketing happy-ending hype.  Did you ever see the first draft of A Christmas Carol where Scrooge ends up tripping Tiny Tim and  stealing their last dime?  The actual last line wasn't, God Bless Us Everyone, it was, Dang, what're we gonna do now ma? (The original version was a bit more like the Grapes of Wrath).

Yeah, sure.  There's a lot I could be thankful for.   But I'm going to start with what I'm not thankful for - maybe I'll get to that tomorrow...  if you think you can stand it.

QUIT HOLLERIN' AT ME - John Prine from Lost Dogs & Mixed Blessings

I think my resolution for the new year is going to be to hook up my television again, and to start smoking again.  In case I haven't mentioned it, I haven't smoked for 61 days.  And today I'm absolutely going crazy for a smoke.   Not only that but I want to sit down and watch about three days of the Honeymooners.  That is tough to do without a t.v.  I don't know why, but I'm going downhill fast these last few days... I've been eating healthy as well.  And the better I treat myself, the worse I feel.  Go figure that out.  Right now I'm sniffling away and my eyes are watery.  I think with all these airways cleared up, the cat's dandruff is getting in as well as soot from the backyard. 

Let me get the mail.  Oh, great - another invite to jury duty.  Excuse me a second while I rip this up.  Hmmm.  It says this is the third and final notice.  Well, you know if you pay too much attention to these things it just encourages them.

3:03:38 PM