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Friday, December 17, 2004

Christmas on Pelham Parkway

More from the Christmas House

12:51:07 PM    

"what size prints are you getting bronzing on? I ask this David because there is no bronzing on Hp prints." - G.S.

True.  I went through about six months or a year with the HP 7960.  It is a dye printer, and you don't get bronzing with it.  But it no print big.  I'm doing 11 x 14 inches right now.  Also, HP inks expensive and when you run out of one ink, you need to change the 3-ink cartridge.  Also, not a great selection of papers.  But for all that - it is the only printer around that will give you out-of-the-box neutral black & white prints.

Went to Epson 2200 a while back WITH IMAGEPrint RIP.  Great combination.  But as with any pigment ink you are going to get bronzing on gloss paper (unless you are using the next version - ie. the Durabrite with the R800 - and all that - letter-size printer).

Without IMAGEPrint RIP, or some RIP, no way to do neutral type b&w with any Epson printer.

Anyway - this subject has been talked about forever, so I'll let it be.  The only thing I'm going to report on at this point is which SPRAY I settle on.  Right now it's between Krylon, Marshalls and Lumijet. 

- - -

You know what - I like the Lumijet ImageShield Spray the best.  This is not scientific, but the other two sprays give a sort of semi-gloss spotty look - i.e. if you run your finger along the print after it's been sprayed a few times, you can feel the roughness of the dried spray.  Not so with the Lumijet.  The print still has a good sheen, and it also seems to remove bronzing the best.  Again - this isn't scientific, but I'm going to go with Lumijet until something better comes along.

- - -

Okay.  No more Christmas orders.  The prints look good, but I don't.

I'm getting a cold standing out on the fire-escape spraying pictures and the neighbors are beginning to look out their windows to see what I'm doing and even though I'm wearing a mask, I'm still smelling fumes... hold on, someone is knocking on the door.

10:25:47 AM