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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I wasn't thrilled with how a couple of prints looked on the mat paper so I did some more testing with Ilford Pearl, photo black ink, IMAGEPrint profiles and then with Ilford Smooth Gloss - and was pleased with the latter, though it does have to be sprayed to bring down the gloss differential (bronzing).  But there are certain prints that just need the higher d-max of a gloss paper, no getting around that.

Now - which spray to use.  I have Krylon, which comes in two flavors (Gloss & Mat), and Lumijet, which is what I've been using.  I've been putting the prints outside on the fire-escape and spraying them out there.  There's some blowback though.  But the big question: what when it rains or snows?  Oh well, maybe that customer won't notice a bit of bronzing.  After all, look at any high gloss magazine ad, you'll see the same thing... (rationalization r us).

5:01:08 PM    

1. Orders have continued to come in at a good rate so I'm sort of swamped again, i.e. about ten prints to do today.  Most popular size right now is the 6 x 9 on 11 x 14. 

2. Things I'd like to see in the new year:

a) A picture of an average-looking woman selling either perfume or lipstick on the back of New York Magazine.

b) A $40 million contract given to a New York City Public School teacher rather than a ballplayer.  (Yikes, what a concept).

c) More public toilets so that the homeless don't continue to pee in the hallway downstairs.

d) I don't know what the heck my upstairs neighbor is doing, but it sounds like he's sanding his floor every night from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.  I hope either he finishes this job by the New Year, or leaves and goes to work as a sander for someone else.

e) I hope to go through a year without having to answer what has inspired me with my photography by high school students.  I swear - inspiration is not a big part of all this.

[that's it for now - more later if I think of anything else]

9:32:01 AM