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Monday, December 13, 2004

I'm sure you notice lots of little changes to the blog / and parts of the site.  And you could probably care less.  But they are not capricious.  They are connected with my master plan to monetize (now there's a word to warm the cockles of an artist's heart) the site.  The grand plan is to be able to place more ads on more pages (egads Magnum, what an idea).  This is a two-edged sword.  On the one hand, you want people to browse and click on ads, and on the other hand you don't want them to leave your site without buying something.  (Tube socks, get your tube socks here).  But after a careful review with my marketing team (hey Buddy, stay out of the catnip) - I've come to the conclusion that at the rate of about 1000 to one - maybe even greater than that - you don't really want to purchase anything - but you are enjoying seeing the pictures and reading the various types of memorable prose to be found herein. 

In short.  If you want to buy something, then I don't think tossing you a competitors ad is going to send you off there until you've finished flipping through these images.  On the other hand, if you have come here looking to - what do they call it - browse?  Flip through images? Well, then if you see an ad that lures you away - have a nice day.

So that is what this is about. More to browse through: the cats, the mermaids, the students being arrested.  Things that nobody will put on their wall, but that still give a nice umph to the day.  The landmark section is taking the longest, since man, I have a lot to stick in there.  Of course, that section might also be a browse / sell section. 

p.s. I haven't forgotten the idea - but will get to it in the New Year.  With all my marketing acumen, I have drummed up enough business to keep me out of trouble.

3:18:31 PM    

On the Bus

Getting Ready, On the Bus, New York Style

There was that winter chill in the air.  As I was getting onto the bus, the woman in front of me seemed confused.  She was looking at the metro-card slot and the bus driver was saying something to her that didn't quite make sense to me at first:

Driver: Go on, miss.  Just step back.

She hadn't paid yet, so it didn't make sense.   She was standing there puzzled.  Not saying a word.  Staring down at the metro card machine.  I noticed that there was a gray colored card in the machine.

Driver: Miss.  Look at me.  Do you speak English?  I'm the operator.  The operator.  Step back please.

And she did step back and now it was my turn to be puzzled. 

Driver: Sir, step back.

And now I got it.  The metro card machine must have broken down.  And the ride was free.   But the operator didn't say that.  He didn't explain why we should step back.  He just barked orders.  I suppose that he didn't want to admit that the machine was broken, or he was tired of saying it.  Still.  He could have simplified things by saying the machine was broken and the ride was free and we would have understood that.

I watched the woman who had been puzzled sit down and take out a pad and paper.  She was writing something down.  Maybe the operators number.

Driver to the next person: I'm the OPERATOR! STEP IN! 

A New York moment.  There is no free ride.

10:41:16 AM