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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island, Dusk

It really is a banal little spot during the day, but at night - it sits out there in the East River - like a Shangri-la.

6:54:44 PM    

The team raising money for President Bush's inaugural festivities plans to raise $40 million to $50 million, with much of the money coming from six-figure donors. -  Associated Press

Big spenders will find many ways to part with their money, such as a $1 million hotel package that includes diamonds and designer clothes to go along with a butler and chauffeur for inaugural-week festivities. Star-Telegram

A major component of President Bush's second inaugural celebration will be a Commander in Chief Ball to honor troops who have just returned from Afghanistan and Iraq or are about to be deployed, inaugural committee officials said yesterday. 

Working reporters, photographers and other journalists requiring access to the U.S. Capitol or to elevated media stands on the West Front Terrace during the inauguration will be required to undergo fingerprinting and criminal background checks for one-day credentials. - Washington Post


Actually, this brought back memories.  My father, who kept his tank uniform from WWII, used to let me try it on when I was a kid, and he still has it.  Man, he was skinny in those days.  Not exactly the same as what Bush is wearing - but damned close.  My father's doesn't have the presidential seal on it and is brown - not the olive color the President's appears to be. 

10:02:59 AM