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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Cat Drinking

The thing is, he'll only drink if the water is running into a dish.  Well Buddy, if you want that, then you'll have to allow for some candid snaps.  Sorry 'bout the tongue out, but you can get to the pc and put up something else if you don't like it.  What?  Tell people how this was shot?  You mean F-Stop and all that?  I just shot it with natural light, with the fastest lens I have, which is the 50mm f1.4.  The shaving cream in the background - naw, that's okay.  You don't care for it?  Okay, next time I'll remove it.

8:14:30 PM    

square : rectangular : panoramic.

wondering why we want to display visual images in these shapes when what is projected onto the back of the eyeball is round.  what is projected onto the film is round.  what is projected onto the sensor is - yes, round.  and what we see with two eyes - is not square, not rectangular, and at least my vision, doesn't have any straight lines boxing it in.

so why do we want to frame everything with straight lines?

answer: straight lines are simply easier to make.  they are a product of the industrial and pre-industrial age.  but now, with computers, we can draw ovals, circles and other rounded frames and i suggest that we use them more often to approximate what lenses, both in cameras and in our eyes, see.

thank you.  the round frame society.

7:09:29 PM    

Papaya King

3:17:38 PM