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Monday, December 06, 2004

4:05:24 PM    

An imaginary interview with Bob Dylan:

Me: Bob, I know you won't go into what a song is about, and I might even buy the fact that you don't even know - but can you describe, when you began to write Senor - what was going on in your mind.  Where were you?  Were you high?  Just anything about the writing process for that particular song.

Dylan: Uh, I think I wrote that while I was playing cards with some buddies of mine.  Yeah.  We were playin' cards and someone called me jokingly, Senor... and I was thinking about how that could be a good rhyme.  That's about all I can say about that song.

Me: Nothing else?  What was that whole thing about a train bogged down in a magnetic field?

Dylan: I don't know, man.  Just something that made sense at the time.

Me: Okay, well let me ask you this.  I know when you began, you did most of your writing on a typewriter.  There are shots of you in Don't Look Back writing on a typewriter.  How do you write these days?

Dylan: Yeah man.  That typewriter - I remember it.  Yeah.  Nowadays I mostly write with a bic pen on a napkin.  Sometimes on a paper towel.

Me: C'mon.

Dylan: No - you can ask anyone that knows me.  I often have a big roll of old paper towel with me.    I think its Bounty paper towel.  Remember that movie, man.  Mutinty on the Bounty?

Me: Yeah.  They made two or three versions of it.

Dylan: Yeah.  That's right. 

Me: You know that a lot of your songs are sort of mysterious.  You can listen to them a lot, and not really make sense of them.

Dylan: You think so?  People have told me that, but they make sense to me.  At least at the time they make sense.  Sometimes later on, I'm not so sure.

Me: Like, who was Johanna anyway?

Dylan: Johanna - man, I get asked that a lot.  I think it was just a nonsense name.  I do that a lot.  I just liked the sound of it...

Me: So are you lookin' forward to this interview on 60 minutes?

Dylan: I really am.  That cat, Ed Bradley is a trip.  I've always wanted to meet him.  That's the only reason I'm doin' the interview.  That and to promote my new book.  Actually, they sort of twisted my arm to do it - but that's okay too... 

11:29:03 AM