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Friday, December 03, 2004

And I now own the domain: and have it pointing, at least for now, at my current home page.  I actually like that name better than - which is harder for most people to remember.  It would have been better if I could have gotten the YourNewYork.COM as well, but that was taken.  I was thinking of (ur being the IM-speak version) as an alternative.  You might notice that I've left Staten Island off the list of places I'll go to.  Staten Island still doesn't seem like a part of NYC.  Might as well say, I'll go to Connecticut.

I'm usually like Ralph Kramden, or Lucy in terms of how my schemes work out in practice - but every once in a while - I recognize a good idea when it is presented to me over and over again as this one was.

However, I already have three assignments from friends and/or family.  They don't all want large prints either.  In fact 5 x 7 prints to put into an album seem to be most popular so far.  Fascinating...

5:59:51 PM    



Was hawkin' cell phones.  He saw me taking pictures of the pigeons.  We got to talking and he told me about raising pigeons in the Bronx.  I promised to bring him a print if any of his portraits came out okay.  This shot, like other half-posed shots is not really street photography, though it is taken of a stranger, and it is on the street.  A quick relationship of trust is formed, the shot is taken, and usually that's about it.  It isn't about the things around the person.  It isn't about anything more than how they look and the look in their eye.  As opposed to what I think of as street photography, where there is a more direct link to some sort of subconscious moment.

2:27:30 PM    

I'm still playing with this idea.  I guess that if I do it without taking some sort of deposit first, then people will send me all over, just to play a prank.  Sort of funny, I guess.  Dave - there's this firehouse up on 148th street in the Bronx.  I would love a picture of same.  Etc.  So, the business side of it needs to be worked out so you only get serious people.  At least, being the suspicious New Yorker that I am - that's what I think.  But maybe that's too paranoid.  Dunno. 



New York City: A million stories. Maybe yours is one of them. Maybe you were only here for a few days as a tourist. Maybe your grand parents lived here in the 20's. Whatever your special connection with New York, now you can hire a professional New York photographer to capture those places in black and white.

Send me out to get a photograph of your old High School.

Send me to the apartment building where your grandfather lived in 1912. Is it still there? If not, how about a shot of the street sign: Delancy and Houston? Or the supermarket that now stands in its place.

Send me to that pizza place down by Katz's where you met your wife. I'll photograph it for you.

Or maybe there is a landmark that you don't see in my portfolio of New York and would like to send me on a special assignment to get it. That's what I'm here for. Think of me as your foreign correspondent in New York. And not just Manhattan. I will cover the Bronx, Brooklyn, and maybe even Queens if you catch me in the right mood.



If you just want one or two pictures for the living room, this is the way to go.

1) You pay a $150 non-refundable deposit (that will go towards the purchase of your first print). I will make every attempt to find the place you request, but if it doesn't exist, or if no pictures meet your requirements, then I will retain the deposit. If there are two or three places in the same area, then I will do that for the $150 deposit.

2) I will venture out to the place or places you request, and post several images online for you to choose from in a gallery of your own on my web site: You let me know which print or prints you are interested in.

3) The first print is $150, subsequent copies of the same print are $50 each. (8 x 12 inch print matted on 16 x 20 mat). If you want to do your own matting, or would like a different size print, we talk about it.


Same idea as above, but you know that you are going to want at least 10 different prints, and that you are going to want them in a hardbound album. [Pricing to be determined]


Notecards with your commissioned image can be made at an additional cost.

12:24:32 PM